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March 2023 Newsletter

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We’re excited to reach out to you with a new style of newsletter. Our goal is to keep you better informed about our upcoming films and panel discussions so you can get them on your calendar.


We invite you to join us and look forward to seeing you there!

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March Showing

March 8, 2023


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After Film Panel Discussion with the film's director, Judith Ehrlich!

Panel Profile

The Boys Who Said NO!

THE BOYS WHO SAID NO! is the first documentary film to profile the young men and women who actively opposed the military draft in order to end the Vietnam War. The film shows how their personal and collective acts of nonviolent resistance, risking arrest and imprisonment for up to 5 years, were a critical part of the antiwar movement, intensifying opposition to the war and eventually forcing an end to both conscription and the war.

Are you coming to the March film?


Broadway Metro Theater - 888 Willamette


03/08/23 6:30pm - 03/08/23 8:30pm US/Pacific
The Boys Who Said NO!
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DisOrient Film Festival

March 10-19, 2023

Founded in Eugene in 2005, DisOrient is Oregon’s premiere Asian American film festival. DisOrient’s mission is to amplify the broad spectrum of Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander voices and narratives through recent works of independent film.

More information at DisOrient.

DisOrient is an Encircle Films Partner

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