A Message from the Provost

As we bid farewell to another academic year filled with achievements, I am thrilled to reflect on our collective successes and look ahead to the opportunities that lie before us. I want to take this moment to express my deepest appreciation and congratulations for your dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to academic excellence this year.

Together, we have achieved incredible feats and set new records, particularly in research expenditures. Our unwavering dedication to scholarly pursuits has propelled us to new heights, reaffirming our position as leaders in higher education and research.

Our success is a testament to the collaborative spirit and tireless efforts of our faculty and staff. Through your unwavering commitment to excellence, we have not only exceeded our goals but also made significant contributions to our respective fields and communities. I am immensely proud of the impactful research, innovative teaching, and

creative endeavors that have characterized our academic community this past year.

As we transition into the summer months, I want to encourage each of you to embrace the opportunity for summer scholarship. The season offers time for us to delve into research projects, engage in professional development, and explore new avenues of scholarly inquiry. Whether pursuing passion projects, refining teaching techniques, or attending conferences and workshops, let us seize this moment to reignite our curiosity and pursue intellectual growth.

I am also delighted with the success of our Conversations with the Provost this year. To those who joined us, thank you for engaging in thoughtful discussions and sharing ideas, exchanging insights, and fostering meaningful connections across disciplines. I look forward to continuing these conversations and exploring new avenues for collaboration and innovation in the months ahead.

This summer, let us remain steadfast in our commitment to academic excellence and student success. Together, we have the power to shape the future of our institution and make a lasting impact on the lives of our students and communities.

Thank you once again for your dedication and contributions to our academic community. I wish you all a productive and fulfilling summer filled with scholarly pursuits, creativity, and rejuvenation.


The Key to Faculty Success: Collaboration and Dedication Soar

When Samantha McDaniel Ph.D., assistant professor in Georgia Southern University’s Department of Clinical Sciences in the Waters College of Health Professions, recently received the Professional Achievement Award by the Georgia Speech-Language-Hearing Association (GSHA), it was the culmination of faculty supporting faculty thanks to a nomination from Tory Candea, clinical coordinator of the RiteCare Center for Communication Disorders.

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Growing Together: Beasley's Plans for Education and Growth at the Botanic Garden

“It is simply a beautiful garden with a passionate staff and a steadily growing audience.” Those are the words of Todd Beasley, Ed.D., the new director of Georgia Southern University’s Botanic Garden. And he has a lot of ideas on how to build on the legacy left by his predecessor, Carolyn Altman, who retired in August 2023 after 16 years at the Botanic Garden.

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The Ultimate Global Harmony: Second annual Sustainability in the Arts Festival at South East Technological University features Georgia Southern students

The second Sustainability in the Arts Festival took place last month across the Waterford, Carlow, and Wexford campuses following the launch by President of South East Technological University (SETU), Veronica Campbell, Ph.D.. And several Georgia Southern University Honors Global Scholars were able to participate.

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Celebrating Faculty Success

The annual Provost Office Faculty Success Celebration took place on the Statesboro Campus and the Armstrong Campus in Savannah in April and May. This event is a recognition for the faculty members who receive successful promotion, tenure and review. They are rewarded with this invite-only event along with a certificate and small gift of appreciation.

Congratulations to the PTR class of 2024. May you continue to soar.

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