Emergency Issue: Flooding, COVID Variant, and Sharp Increase in Asylum Seekers Create Crisis
Bridging the Border Bulletin, July 30th, 2021
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Nogales's San Juan Bosco Shelter Over Capacity
On Wednesday, July 28th, more than 350 migrants, over 100 of them children, sought refuge at the San Juan Bosco Shelter. A large percentage have been deported from the US. Photo to the left depicts migrants crowded into the shelter's chapel, awaiting meals.
The Shelter was originally built to house 75 people at a time. With limited bed space, many migrants are forced to sleep on the floor.
The San Juan Bosco Shelter staff and volunteers are complying with health protocols to the best of their ability, given the overwhelming number of migrants seeking shelter in Nogales. Director Gilda Loureiro reports having to send migrants who tested positive for COVID to a separate shelter. Yet, with insufficient testing, the positive count is likely much higher, leading to certain exposure for all in the shelter and possibly the larger region as migrants travel. Even with limited testing, 10 positive cases have been confirmed as of July 30th.
The following photographs depict Gilda Loureiro distributing essential personal hygiene products to asylum-seekers residing at the shelter.
Flash Floods in Nogales Exacerbate Urgent Situation
Flash floods affecting Southwestern regions of the US and parts of Mexico have reached Nogales, Sonora. The perilous force of nature has claimed lives on both sides of the US-Mexico border, and people have been trapped in their vehicles (FloodList). At least two bodies have been recovered by first responders.
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