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Woman receiving food in Mozambique
The church ushered me into the presence of God, me and all of my family. Thank you pastor for thinking of the people.
"I thank the church that gave me food. I did not know that the church could help me. I had no food at home. Yesterday my children and I ate boiled cassava root."
God and Father loves us!

This is what Clemente from Mozambique said after receiving
food from the church.

Our brothers and sisters in Africa are starving. The government has confined them to their homes.

They only have food to eat when they are able to get out to find some kind of work or do a little business on the street. The pastor told us, "The children are crying from hunger."

Pioneer Missions Global is sending funds for food to help 14 of our national leaders in 10 countries.
We are now also sending funds for the churches to help some of the families around their churches. We are helping Christians, Muslims, and Spiritist, people of all religions. PLUS sharing the LOVE OF CHRIST!
The church in Tanzania is helping 100 families.
We thank you for your love, support and prayers.
West Bengal, India has been hit by the worse cyclone in a 100 years. The people were already suffering because of the COVID 19.

75 pastors were in dire need of food and 25 of them had their homes destroyed.

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Pioneer Missions Global
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