Above: Snow-covered trees in front of a pond with ducks at Judy and JR's home, Church Hill Farm

Embracing Winter

with the

Worsley Institute

A still of Professor JR Worsley lecturing in a suit and tie

Above: Video of JR Worsley describing Winter

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  • Video: JR Worsley describing Winter
  • Ask Judy: The Superior Physician
  • Worsley Community News: Consultation Days
  • The WiSESM Way: Embracing Winter
  • Upcoming Trainings and Events
  • Book Review

Ask Judy:

Above: Judy at a Consultation Day.

A Question for Judy Worsley

Q: The concept of the Superior Physician is used throughout the Nei Jing to describe a practitioner who understands deeply changes and transformations in Nature, values the wisdom of the great physicians who preceded them, perceives the formless and is thereby able to treat disease before it manifests. How did JR Worsley view this classical wisdom? 


A: In my view, JR was undoubtedly a Superior Physician. He had the highest regard for respecting the Natural Order and one’s elders and teachers. He would not dream of opposing or disrespecting them in any way. 


What attracted me to his teachings was his absolute clarity that one’s life in service should be a “Way of Life” in all respects, which means a humble, kind and curious outlook. 

Do you have a question for Judy? Send it to president@worsleyinstitute.com

Worsley Community News

Above: A group of WIT students and seasoned practitioners gathered together to observe Clinical Consultations with Judy Worsley in Portland, OR, USA

Clinical Consultations with Judy Worsley

This past November, the Worsley Institute hosted Consultation Days with Judy Worsley in Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. Practitioners with years of experience joined alongside students from the Worsley Institute Training (WITSM) in this incredible opportunity to observe Judy Worsley in a clinical setting. Spending time with one’s teacher has traditionally been regarded as the highest form of learning. We learn not only from what our teacher says but also from observing how they embody the medicine. On Consultation Days with Judy Worsley, practitioners have the precious opportunity to spend time with Judy in a clinical setting, benefitting from her fifty years of practice while refining their diagnostic skills. 


These past Consultation Days were a rich experience of observing Judy with patients. She shared many clinical pearls: the importance of odor, differentiating levels, leading with curiosity, and what it means to live this system of medicine as a “Way of Life”. Judy also shared how being of service to others is the greatest form of nourishment, inspiring us to a deeper appreciation of being an instrument of nature. As Judy remarked, “we are here to assist Nature, not replace Nature”. 


The atmosphere of Consultation Days is joyful; Judy encourages us truly to be ourselves and to have fun. Practitioners always come away inspired by Judy’s depth of being, her instructive insights, and her vision for this system of medicine. Consultation Days renew us in the transmission of lineage, oral tradition, and the power of being together in a supportive community of practitioners.

If you are interested in hosting Judy Worsley for consultations in your clinic, please contact: president@worsleyinstitute.com

The WiSESM Way: Embracing Winter

Above: The view from the front door of Judy and JR's home at Church Hill Farm

Embracing Winter

Nature is our greatest teacher. Embracing Winter in your garden and town not only fosters a deeper connection with nature but also allows you to appreciate the resilience and adaptations of local ecosystems during the colder months.

Here are some tips for winter in your garden and ways to engage with the winter season in your town from a naturalist perspective:


Garden Tips for Winter:


1. Leave Seed Heads and Stems: Allow some perennial plants to remain with their seed heads and stems intact. These can provide food and shelter for wintering birds and insects.


2. Create a Winter Bird Feeding Station: Set up bird feeders with high-energy foods such as suet, sunflower seeds, and nyjer seeds. Winter is a critical time for non-migrating birds, and providing food can attract a variety of species to your garden.

3. Create Brush Piles: Assemble piles of branches, leaves, and other garden debris to create habitat for insects and small mammals seeking refuge during the winter. 


Engaging with Winter in Your Town:


1. Winter Nature Walks: Organize or join community-led nature walks to explore the winter landscape. Identify trees without their foliage, observe animal tracks in the snow or mud, look for the early spring bloomers, and appreciate the unique beauty of the season.


2. Winter Wildlife Observation: Winter is an excellent time for observing wildlife. Look for signs of animals adapting to the season, such as birds feeding on berries or squirrels gathering and storing food. 


3. Snowshoeing or Cross-Country Skiing: If your area experiences snowfall, engage in winter sports like snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.

Upcoming Trainings and Events:

Above: Judy Worsley interviewing a patient during a Consultation Day.



March 2nd Teacher Training and Master Apprentice Program (MAPSM) Informational Zoom - email president@worsleyinstitute.com to participate.

February 22, 29 and March 7 2024: A Series of Conversations with Judy Worsley and Kevin Durjun, Live-Streamed (Click Here)

March 2024 - February 2025: Pacific NW Worsley Intensive Training (Click Here)

March 2024 - February 2025: UK Worsley Intensive Training (Click Here)

April 26-30: Open Seminar, Shanghai, China

November 1-5: Teacher Training Basic, Miami Beach, Florida (Click Here)

Question and Answer and Consultation Days: Dates to be Announced Soon


MAP, Date: Spring, Location: TBD

Book Review

by Judy Worsley

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Left: Judy with Eric Hartmann, David Berkshire, and Stella Jiang during Seattle Consultation Days.

Center: Practitioners enjoying dinner after Vancouver Consults

Right: Judy investigating one of the trees at Church Hill Farm

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