Embracing My Brand on Social Media
It’s Summer time! When we pack away those rain and snow boots, that favorite warm overcoat or cozy sweater. And we bring out the essence of summer, dresses and great accessories. It’s also time to clean off our desk, re-organize, re-focus and re-dedicate. So, what a better time to “Re-Launch”!
Today, I’m compelled to reintroduce myself, my company and embrace my brand on social media. So here goes! 
I'm Tammy Dickerson, the Founder and President of The Baker Group and I have planned events for over 25 years (so that makes me a little crazy). It’s no secret that I love what I do and that entertaining and organizing are a huge part of who I am. I’m obsessed with tiny details, stunning designs, travel, amazing cuisine and inspiring people who have a strong faith and desire to succeed.

My goal as an event producer is to create beautiful events and unique experiences for clients. I don’t just throw parties or “chicken dinners”. I strive to help clients celebrate and communicate their brand, product or service through the use of an event. At TBG we pour our hearts into every event we take on. That’s why I thought now was the time to finally embrace social media and use it as a platform to communicate with you and share our stories.
With the advice and coaching of my friend Margaret Brown with SocializeLA , she is helping me to understand that to truly embrace the new horizons of our agency, we must be open to showing others our talents, ambitions and eagerness to learn and grow our brand. Utilizing the tools and various platforms of social media can help us to that. So, like I did 17 years ago when I started TBG in my dining room, I’m taking “another leap of faith” to take this Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, journey on. I hope you are on this ride with me.
When I launched The Baker Group, I could have never imagined the amazing opportunities we would have. From high profile retreats with C-Suite Executives, producing events with over 10,000 attendees to multiple events on the same day, our team has done it all. And have worked really hard to do it with humility, style and grace.

This is the reason why I have chosen Spring time of 2018 to embrace the new TBG.. and do it with you.  When I left the corporate board room , I knew it would be hard. I knew there would be many challenges, lots of exhausting days and even more hills to climb. But I also knew there would be even more doors to open, horizons to see and experiences that only entrepreneurship could bring. I was right.

Today, TBG is working on some amazing projects that remind me that fear and doubt should NEVER be a part of the equation. That God is always a part of what I do. To be prepared at all times. To be open to learning new things and thinking and acting outside of our comfort zones.
I start my Spring clear about our goals and intentions as a firm. So I say thank you for being on this journey with me as I take on one of my favorite quotes “ Get busy living or get busy dying”.
Thank you for being my insta friends, I appreciate you all.
Tammy Dickerson, CMP | Principal Owner
Event Spotlight
We just returned from New York with NAWBO National, where we produced the FCEM World Committee Meeting 2018 . Women entrepreneurs from over 20 nations from around the gathered to discuss ideas and to celebrate each other!


Event Highlight
Honored to be an event partner for the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills..