We begin this New Year in gratitude for the outpouring of support from our community during the Christmas season. Your gifts of special meals, warm hats and gloves, handmade placemats, financial donations and more all added together to bring love and encouragement to our guests. 

Thank you for all you have done and what you will continue to do as we provide food, shelter and hope through Christian love. Join us in celebrating the success of 2023 and praying for new ways you can be involved in 2024.

Happy New Year from your Friends at Samaritan Ministries.


We are still counting but ....

Thanks to the enormous amount of community effort and support, as of December 31, we have raised 93,252.19 !!

We are beyond thankful to everyone who shared, campaigned, formed a team or contributed individually. Your generous donations will help continue to support our mission of providing food to the hungry, shelter for the homeless and hope for those battling addiction.

A huge thank you to our wonderful sponsors: WXII12 Lanie Pope, The Winston-Salem Journal, First Horizon Bank, Kathy and David Murray and Deuterman Law Group for advocating and supporting our campaign efforts.


Thank You to Our Penny Campaigners!

*Please note that many individuals participated and will be listed in our upcoming Honor Roll of Donors this Spring.

The Souper Bowl of Caring is centered on the NFL’s Super Bowl Sunday. On that day, millions of dollars are spent on food served at game day parties while many people are hungry.

Make a heartfelt touchdown on Super Bowl Sunday 2023 by donating funds toward Souper Bowl of Caring, or get involved by signing up to volunteer or donate items from our wish list.

Open to all ages - great for youth groups! So feel free to team up with your family, and friends, or support them individually.

Together, we can bring a WIN to Samaritan.

Contact Robin Stone (robin.stone@samaritanforsyth.org) to learn more about how your church group can be involved in this fundraiser and check our website for updates on this event !

National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day occurs each year on the longest night of the year, the winter solstice. For those experiencing homelessness, every night on the street or in a shelter is long.  During this year's memorial, we remembered those we have lost, brought attention to the tragedy of homelessness, and shared how shelters are a critical resource to help residents not die in homelessness.


In-Kind Gifts

In-kind gifts can help provide a variety of food, toiletries, and professional services. Consult our Wish List for ideas.


Donations help fund and support our mission to provide food, shelter and hope to those in need.


Volunteering with us is easy and makes a big difference. Lunch and dinner shifts are available.

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