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We commend the 'Labour Office' for releasing a statement outlining the responsibilities of the employers and the rights of the employees in the post-hurricane Irma phase wherein many employees are left wondering if they have a job or not or if they will get paid or not.

The mantra of many employers about 'no work, no pay' is certainly not applicable in this situation as it is no fault of the employees that they were in a situation that they could not nor can not work during and after the passing of two storms over St. Maarten and those storms leaving many businesses totally destroyed in their wakes.

That many businesses are presently closed due to the looting and plundering that took place during and after the passing of hurricane Irma is a sad and regrettable situation and many business owners are calling out for justice. The expeditious manner in which the police force has been tracking down looters and confiscating the looted goods and items found is commendable. However, we strongly believe that the good work should not be tainted by overzealousness in carrying out this task. Read our opinion piece entitled ' A few rotten apples' to understand what we are referring to.

That there would be victims of hurricane Irma in all forms and fashions was to be expected. However, the news that the University of St. Martin would have to close its doors in November if the government does not provide extra financial assistance to the tune of 3 million guilders is disheartening and does not bode well for the intellectual capacity of the island, a factor that is very much an essential ingredient in the recovery and rebuilding process of the economic capacity of St. Maarten.

We sincerely hope that the groundbreaking news the university's dean, Dr. Francio Guadeloupe, referred to on the radio yesterday, that was to be announced during a faculty and staff meeting at 5pm, would be news that financial assistance for USM would be forthcoming as a part of the Dutch assistance Minister Plasterk talked about during his press conference on Monday. We eagerly look forward to any positive news that we can publish in our daily email newsletter about this situation.

Similarly, we look forward to government deciding as an alternative to use the Raoul Illidge Sports Complex as the proposed location for an emergency container village given the close proximity to the SMMC hospital, the fire department and to the Link One access roads. It is clear that the health implications of using the Festival Village are worth considering, as the SCDF rightfully points out in a press statement yesterday, which can be read online here.

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Statement from Labor Office
Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labor
Department of Labor Affairs and Social Services
Topic: Responsibilities of the Employers, Rights of the Employees
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