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Good news! Our managing editor, Hilbert Haar, is back online and is writing again. As he lives on the French side of Saint Martin and his mobility is limited, partly due to the curfew in effect on both the French and Dutch sides, his reporting will have a slightly French tint in his articles. Nonetheless, we are happy have him back. Read his contributions below in this email newsletter.

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From top tourist attraction to desolate disaster area -...

By Hilbert Haar ORIENT BAY - With 95 percent of the island destroyed it comes as no surprise that one of the island's top touristic attractions Orient Beach on the French side is also obliterated. There is literally nothing left. All the new...

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The spirit of togetherness
The spirit of togetherness is what has touched us deeply, though it is easy to forget these things when reports about looting come over the airwaves..

Community getting on track
As the community of Sint Maarten is gradually getting back on track in the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Maria, it is very noticeable that the situation on the streets has calmed tremendously.

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Residents of French Quarter have reported 19 dead in their district alone, while there was earlier mention of 11 fatalities in Grand Case – putting the total between 30 and 40. Other sources told this newspaper that hundreds of people are still missing, suggesting that the death toll is still likely to rise. Read the full story online.
The Detective Department with assistance from the police forces of Aruba and Curacao, the Netherlands, Caribbean Netherlands, the Royal Marechausse, and Dutch Marines presently on the island have started investigations against persons who have been involved in the looting of large amounts of merchandise in the aftermath of hurricane “Irma”. Read more online.


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SZV phone lines now open

SZV customer service is once again available Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm via the general number +1721 546 6782. All general inquires can be made by calling this number or contacting us via Facebook...

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