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Happy Cinco de Mayo, this weekend!! We are hopeful to see a break in the showers, with some Tequila! 🎉 and Flowers. This is multifamily stats week, breaking down the residential multiplex market. Local news, Elon Musk has an outlook on Austin's growth, why he's bullish, and his tips for investing now! and why Texas is expected to feel a weather-induced financial squeeze.

For Investors, we have the hottest Sunbelt markets, and we'll take a ride with the FED on the mortgage rate roller coaster, lastly, we indulge in our guide to the tastiest tacos and margaritas in town.

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Local News

Texas blows into top 10 states predicted to face money woes from weather events

Texas is spinning its way into the top 10 states expected to feel the financial squeeze from weather events. From twisters to hurricanes, the Lone Star State's diverse climate puts it in the crosshairs for potential economic turbulence. Get the lowdown on why Texas is facing this forecast and the potential impact on its economy.

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Elon's Bullish On Austin. How To Invest Before He Floods It With Tech Workers

Elon Musk's got stars in his eyes for Austin, and investors are taking note. As the city gears up for Tesla's Gigafactory and SpaceX's expansion, opportunities abound for those looking to ride the wave of tech-driven growth. Discover how to hitch your investment wagon to Austin's skyrocketing trajectory.

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Local Multi-Family Market Update


Our Multi-family Data includes Duplexes, Tri-Plexes, and Quadruplexes in the 5 county area Metro. We pulled it from the Austin MLS on 05/01/2024

  • Significant Month-over-Month Increase in Market Activity: The data shows a substantial surge in market activity from February to March 2024, with total sales of residential multifamily properties increasing by an impressive 48.00%. This surge indicates a sudden uptick in buyer interest and transactions within a relatively short timeframe, reflecting heightened demand and possibly a favorable market environment for those MF sellers.
  • Mixed Pricing Trends with Year-over-Year Growth in Sales: While there are fluctuations in pricing metrics such as average and median sold prices, the year-over-year comparison reveals a remarkable increase of 94.74% in total sales almost doubled March 2023, an uptick is expected for spring season, but this is more than just seasonality. The overall trend suggests a strong and very active market, with a healthy volume transacting, lots of new inventory, a sustained demand and continued momentum in this sector, despite potential shifts in pricing dynamics, if you've been waiting to sell your MF investment property now is just as good a time as any.

Duplexes For Sale

Triplex & Quads For Sale

YOY Highlights for the Austin MSA Res Multifamly!


Units Sold:

37 units sold, soaring up by a 94.74% from March 2023


Average Sales Price:

$655,361, solid growth of 6.29% compared to March 2023 

Average Days on the Market:

64 days, a reduction of 7.25% compared to March 2023

Pending Contracts:

41, a substantial surge of 70.83% from March 2023.


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Market & Investor Insights


Sunbelt Surge: The top 15 Cities Dominating the National Growth Charts

Sunbelt cities are shining bright on the growth charts, and investors are flocking to bask in their rays. From job opportunities to affordable living and vibrant lifestyles, these 15 cities are beaming with potential. Dive into the hottest markets in the Sunbelt region and find out where the growth action is happening.

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May Mortgage Rates to Stay Above 7% as Hope Dims for Fed Cuts

May's mortgage rates are in for a wild ride, and they're not looking to drop below 7% anytime soon. With inflation running rampant, hopes for a Fed rescue are dwindling. Get the scoop on why rates are staying high and what it means. for investors and homebuyers.

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Where to Drink and Eat for Cinco de Mayo in Austin

Get ready to spice up your Cinco de Mayo celebrations in Austin! From mouthwatering tacos to refreshing margaritas, this guide has everything you need to make the most of this festive May holiday.

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Do you know anyone who may need our services? Feel free to pass this email along so we can chat with them about help with their real estate needs!

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