Our favorite time of the year is finally here – Thanksgiving season! Our origins began with a simple, unorganized Thanksgiving dinner back in 2008 with the intention of offering up a seat at our table for our neighbors to enjoy a meal they otherwise would have done without. We couldn’t have known then what would transpire as a result of that Thanksgiving meal and countless other opportunities the Lord orchestrated for Elevate Branson to be what it is today. As we prepare for our 14th Annual Love Your Neighbors Thanksgiving Day event, we’re thankful for the traditions that keep us grounded in who we are, and remind us of where we came from. 


Bryan Stallings

Founder, Elevate Branson

Join us November 25th as we carry on the annual tradition of serving our neighbors a warm meal comprised of all of our Thanksgiving favorites. This year’s Love Your Neighbors Thanksgiving Day Dinner will be drive through and motel delivery only, but there’s still plenty of ways to get involved and to serve our community this holiday season! From volunteer opportunities to food sponsorships, visit our website at ElevateBranson.org/Thanksgiving to learn more about how you can bring the joy of a Thanksgiving meal to our neighbors and their families.



Elevate Kids after school program continues in November each Tuesday and Thursday. Students have been busy painting rocks, walking trails, and working on their outdoor journals as the emphasis on science and nature remains one of the educational pillars for these kiddos after school! At the end of October, Elevate Kids celebrated with a Halloween party featuring all kinds of fun activities and snacks. We’re looking forward to another month of after school programming with our favorite kids! 


“It's not just about finding a job and keeping it. It is much more than that. I quickly relearned the purpose and plans God has for my life. It suddenly became about so much more than just finding a good job, but walking in my purpose and being happy and feeling fulfilled with my life as a whole. My mentor, Amy Kimmons, became more than just a mentor or a friend. She became like family to me. At the end of the program, I was accepted into an accelerated nursing assistant program through Cox Health and given the opportunity for a full-time position at completion. When I aced my final six short weeks after I started, I couldn't believe everything that had transpired and taken place just to get to that point in time. Every single person at Elevate Work had a special hand in getting me to that exact moment. As a result of that never ending love and support, I was accepted and hired onto the surgical unit as a full time NA at the hospital. I am now walking in my purpose, feeling fulfilled and accomplished at the end of every single shift. Elevate Work has lifted me up, encouraged and supported me, and given me more than I can ever thank them all for.” 

So many of our Elevate Work graduates have stories just like Melissa’s! We’re excited for our current Elevate Work students as they wrap up the course and prepare for what’s ahead. Join us in celebrating the Elevate Work graduating class of November 2021 on November 10th at 7:00 P.M. at the Elevate Branson Campus.



“Returning from missionary service in Uruguay in March 2020, there were few opportunities to serve. I checked around I came across Elevate Branson. I stopped and was told that Thursday sack meals were going to be delivered that evening and they would really like me to join them. I returned and enjoyed feeling the warmth of serving. I was given a card to call Amy Stallings and upon a very animated conversation, I returned to make sandwiches on the following Thursday morning. It was announced that help was needed in the Thrift Store, so I signed up there too. I have been impressed by the Christian values in which Elevate Branson integrates into their programs to “elevate” families and individuals in the community. It is a joy, it’s fun, and it feels uplifting to be part of all those good people in the Branson area who volunteer their time at Elevate Branson.”

We’re thankful for people like Josie who commit wholeheartedly to serving our community! 

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Stop by on a Friday afternoon with a friend and have a buy one, get one on us, pizza or chopped salad of your choice! Are you a local or first responder? If so, locals receive 10% off and first responders receive 25% off their entire purchase. We can’t wait to serve you!


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