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May 28, 2014
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Time for the vast majority of attorneys who straddled the fence and failed to commit to a candidate to suddenly because best friends and ardent supporters of those who won.

I am not terribly comfortable just waiting to see which way the wind is blowing and this election cycle I was "all in" in Galveston County races.  I suggested the formation of a Republican Moms PAC and helped the ladies running the PAC raise money and I designed their mailer.  ALL of the candidates endorsed by the PAC won.

My office has been a phone bank for the last two weeks for Anne Darring and I spent all of yesterday working an election voting site for her.  A lot of other enthusiastic supporters helped Mrs. Darring win to be the new Family District Judge in Galveston County.  Special thanks to Carey Crump in my office who managed the Darring phone bank!

I was out early this past Sunday putting up signs for Patricia Grady and providing her encouragement against the ridiculous and false smear campaign run against her.  I am so very happy that Mrs. Grady won as well.  I intend to continue my investigation into the shadow Super PAC from Georgia and who funded its mailers that so unfairly attacked Grady.

The PAC I helped was local and run by actual Republicans.  Everything the Real Republican Moms for Good Judges PAC did was 100% in the open and in strict compliance with the law.  They got started late but now they are going to change their name and be more inclusive to those of all genders and political parties.  I hope they put on another candidate forum in the Fall for the General Election.

I do not expect to win every case.  I just want an efficient system in which my client gets a fair hearing before a judge who works hard, knows the law, and does not play favorites.  I also expect judges to appoint qualified amicus attorneys who zealously look after children (and actually visit the kids in their homes).   Is that asking too much?  Stay tuned.

Greg Enos
The Enos Law Firm                  
Pratt is Finally Gone

Harris County families and attorneys no longer have the slightest worry that Denise Pratt will return after Alicia Franklin defeated the zombie candidate resoundingly.

Now, Governor Perry needs to stop running for President long enough to appoint Franklin so she can get to work on the mess Pratt created.

Franklin will face the far more experienced and well liked Sherri Cothrun in November.

Why Meca Walker Lost  

Associate Judge Meca Walker was more qualified and had far more lawyer support than John Schmude, yet Schmude won the primary runoff.  Schmude had few funds but he had the ideas, the shared revulsion with how nutty aunt Bonnie is running her court and, most importantly, the support of the conservative, "right-to-life" crowd that still dominates Harris County GOP politics.  Schmude was greatly boosted by the candidacy of local hero Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor.  Walker also had to deal with the fact that she is not white and that is, in all frankness, a handicap in Republican primaries.  Our primary system in Harris County, where voters cannot possibly know much about judicial candidates, is not designed to pick the "best and the brightest," although somehow it still occasionally manages to.

The amazing accomplishment of Mr. Schmude in winning his race should not be downplayed, however.  Schmude was a lone champion for reform in the 247th when almost no lawyers would even talk to him.  I am guessing he will suddenly have a lot of new "best friends" this week.  Schmude will face Clinton "Chip" Wells this Fall.

Meca Walker's experience and talent should not go to waste and I hope she is hired as Associate Judge by one of the new judges who will take office in January.

Galveston County Analysis

Wilfried Schmitz may now regret spending $56,500 of his own funds on his race for the 306th Family District Court.  I certainly hope Schmitz (and Griffin and Quintanilla and O'Brien who also lost) regret using the services of Lianne Russell as a political consultant because her vile and misleading campaign tactics did not fool Republican voters in the end.  A Republican candidate would be very foolish to use Ms. Russell on future campaigns, given the many elected and influential local leaders who are highly disturbed by her tactics.

The few attorneys who supported Mr. Schmitz over Anne Darring should demand a refund. Genevieve McGarvey, Sondra Kaighen, Erin Groce, Dan Amerson, Allison Jones, Donne Leleux, and Dennis Slate all are hopefully sending Mrs. Darring their warmest and most sincere congratulations this morning (just like I am for Jack Ewing!).

Young Donny Quintanilla ran a great race and impressed a lot of folks.  Quintanilla came so very close to winning the judgeship once held by his father and Donny clearly has a bright future in politics if he wants to run again in the future.    

be him
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Election Results 

Harris County

247th District Court


311th District Court


Galveston County

306th District Court


County Court No. 3


 212th District Court

In the Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 race, Alison Cox defeated incumbent Toni Randall by 215 votes. Cox received a little more than 52 percent of the vote.

The Power of Moms and Social Media

We can no longer doubt the influence that political active and informed mothers can have on elections nor the power of social media.  The "Real Republican Moms for Good Judges" sent out a slate mailer in Galveston County and it also was very active on Facebook thanks to Shari Goldsberry.  The Facebook postings of this group were seen by more people than who voted in the Galveston County primary runoff.



Attorney Greg Enos has been through his own divorce and  child custody battle (he won) and understands  what his clients are going through.  Enos  graduated from the University of Texas Law  School and was a very successful personal injury  attorney in Texas City before he decided his true  calling was to help families in divorce and child  custody cases. Greg Enos is active in politics and in Clear Lake area charities.  He has served as President of the Bay Area Bar Association and President of the Board of  Interfaith Caring Ministries. 

Attorney Greg Enos