Thank You
Thank you to the California Chapter 1, AAP board members who have provided steadfast and exemplary leadership for the past two years on behalf of children everywhere:

Zoey Goore, MD, MPH, FAAP
Past President, 2017-19

John Takayama, MD, MPH, FAAP
President, 2017-19
(will be assuming role of Past President on the board for the 2019-21 term)

Sohil Sud, MD, FAAP
San Francisco Member-At-Large, 2017-19

Brijesh Kadam, MD
Central Valley Alternative Member-At-Large, 2017-19

to the 2019-21 Elected Board Members

Thank you for voting. Here are the election results:

Vice President:
Nelson Branco, MD, FAAP

Monterey Bay Member-At-Large:
Graciela Wilcox, MD, MPH, FAAP

Sacramento Valley Member-At-Large:
Ravinder Khaira, MD, FAAP

Contra Costa/Solano Member-At-Large:
Diane Dooley, MD, FAAP

San Francisco Member-At-Large:
Rhea Boyd, MD, MPH, FAAP

Central Valley MAL:
Yvonne Brouard, MD, FAAP

Read More About Your Elected Board Members on the New AAPCA1 Website

Our mission is to promote the optimal health and development of children and
adolescents of Northern California in partnership with their families and communities, and to support the pediatricians who care for them.

President: Raelene Walker • Vice President: Nelson Branco
Secretary: Janice Kim • Treasurer : Nivedita More • Past President: John Takayama
Executive Director: Isra Uz-Zaman