March 2017
For the sake of all our grandchildren, future generations and all life on planet Earth

Elders Must Stand Up  and Speak Out

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Ralph Nader established a number of advocacy and watchdog groups including the Public Interest Research Group, the Center for Auto Safety, and Public Citizen. Nader's activism has been directly credited with the passage of several landmark pieces of American consumer protection legislation including the Clean Water Act, the Freedom of Information Act, the Consumer Product Safety Act, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the Whistleblower Protection Act, and the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act. In addition, he is the author of a new book  Breaking Through Power.

Frank Sesno is an award winning American journalist; former CNN correspondent, anchor and Washington bureau chief; and director of the School of Media and Public Affairs at The George Washington University. Author of the new book  Ask More: The Power of Questions to Open Doors, Uncover Solutions, and Spark Change.
Additional Speakers To Be Announced...

**We encourage you to consider lodging in D.C. as quickly as possible as hotels will be filling for the People's Climate March

On April 29 th we will participate as an  Elders Contingent in the  People's Climate March
**We will send you meet up location information -- this link does not register you for ECAD.

Help Launch A Nationwide Drive To Make Congress Accountable On Climate Change

We now have a national administration which is openly rolling back progress made by Republican and Democratic administrations in the last 40 years.   They are gutting the Environmental Protection Agency; wiping out the Clean Power Plan which finally was going to start limiting CO2 emissions from the largest source - existing electric power plants; cancelling the proposed Methane emissions rule; and threatening to pull out of the Paris climate agreement.

Our grandchildren cannot afford four years of this radical agenda.  

ECAD will kick off a drive to organize Elders Climate Action Teams in as many Congressional Districts as possible.  Teams which will publicly push Members of Congress to block the administration's agenda and push for constructive action on climate.  Teams which will call for new candidates to step forward for the 2018 Congressional elections as needed.  

You can step forward in one of two ways to help stop the radical pro-fossil fuel agenda while there is still time to protect future generations:
Paul Severance, ECA Co-Chair

For the Grandchildren and All Life,
Paul Severance
Co-Chair, Elders Climate Action

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March 22, 2017
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On this call, we will discuss the plans for the Elders Climate Action Day Conference and our Congressional Campaign, and get your suggestions.

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Carol Vollen
California ECA Member

I don't tend to be depressed or anxious, but events of recent months have challenged that assumption about myself.  What elevates me is the feeling that I am doing something to counteract these events.

I have decided to focus my efforts on environment/climate change issues. There are many issues I care deeply about and my hope is that future administrations will undo the damage being done currently.  However, well-intended future administrations might be too late to preserve a livable environment.

So I will travel from California to Elders Climate Action Day in Washington DC.  I will visit Senators and Representatives in Congress. I will march. I have the time. And now is the time.

Introducing The Newest ECA Chapter 
Southeast Michigan!     

by Nancy Ogilvie

The Ann Arbor Area chapter grew out of a conference in September 2015 titled "Our Climate Change Legacy: Finding Hope, Taking Action Together."  That day we explored the role that elders are uniquely qualified to play in 
protecting our beautiful Earth for our   grandchildren and future  generations.  A core group expressed enthusiasm for continuing the exploration and Our Climate Change Legacy was born.  We have met to share resources, build community and join in actions.  We are now bringing our 100-strong membership to Elders Climate Action!  We are thrilled to be joining hands with ECA to address climate change at both a local and national level.

Stay Cool 4 Grandkids
Sarah Benson, Executive Director

San-Diego-based STAY COOL for Grandkids is harnessing the power of elders through education and advocacy for action on climate change.  Our mission is to speak for those too young 
to have a voice. Membership is free and open to anyone interested in protecting future generations from the dangers of global warming. Members have access to bimonthly educational events which empower participants to become passionate and informed voices on global warming. They learn about, and advocate for, local and regional policies that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2016, we launched an initiative to connect the collective wisdom of elders with San Diego's youth through an environmental education program. We developed curriculum meeting the Next Generation Science Standards to teach 6th graders about ocean climate science and the impacts of climate change on our oceans.
We hope to maintain the trust our grandchildren have in us, and through wisdom, we hope to safeguard our grandkids' future.  

Winter Reflections 
by Deborah Burke

I always pray
when the cold comes
that I might touch the soul of winter,
even though I don't know
what I'm  really asking.

Winter is as sensual as summer
but less raucous and flirty.
More a meditation than party.
I keep trying to taste it in a different way
like you would sample flavors
of ice cream, berries, trying
to get to its major ingredient
--that soft delicious quietness--

at the center into which I want to sink
like you would onto different mattresses in a store
until you found just the right
soft quietness, sink, and breathe "ahhh."

I want to play foolishly
in the woods like a child when the trees
are so flocked with snow
the whole place looking like a magical kingdom
in a fairytale.
I gasp.  I stare. I have to hush.
Winter, ever changing
I hunger to get to the bottom
of  its inexplicable lessons.

Take this week: I woke
to the outside front windows cased in ice
the back windows plastered with snowflakes
And rivulets of rain on the side door.

I laughed. I'm of three minds too some days
unsure of what I want, flummoxed
a little crazed too.

I worry that we might lose
the magnificence of winter
like we are losing the ice sheets.
I think it's time to get a little
crazed and "snow" Washington with
every bit of fierceness we can muster.

Winter teaches that too--a fierceness
nothing and no one can stand against.

Dear God. Abide.

It's too late to do anything about climate change.... right?

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