February 2017

Mark Your Calendar:

Elders Climate Action Day
Washington, DC
April 27-28, 2017

The Voices of Elders Speaking Out on Climate Change are Desperately Needed before it's too late for all of our grandchildren and future generations.
Thursday, April 27
Members, supporters, and allies of Elders Climate Action will meet at American University Washington School of Law for a day of inspiration, learning, skill building, and planning.
We will hear first hand about the latest findings of climate science and the up-to-the-minute status of these issues in the new administration and Congress.
We will learn from experts how to bring our message forward most effectively in the face of the new political reality.
There will also be music and rehearsals for our signature flash mob to be performed at a yet-to-be disclosed location!  

Friday, April 28

Morning:  We will go in teams to the Halls of Congress (both the House  of Representatives and Senate) to deliver the following message to all 535 offices.   "We elders want action now to address climate change so that our children and grandchildren do not suffer because of our selfish indulgence."

Afternoon:  We will plan the next phase of our campaign, bringing our message to Members of Congress in their Home Districts  and to our state and local leaders, while raising public awareness and growing our movement.
Please respond to let us know you are coming, we will send out location details and hotel information very soon. 

Due to the large numbers expected for the People's Climate March, hotel space will be limited and it is not too early to make your reservations.  There are hostels and AirBNB accommodations in the DC area at reasonable prices but they will likely become scarce before long.  We will send out information as soon as possible, but it is not too early to look for accommodations now.

For the grandchildren and all life,
Paul Severance
Co-Chair, Elders Climate Action 

Join us at the
People's Climate March
Saturday, April 29

As an Elders Climate Action delegation, we will walk in
the People's Climate March, carrying our ECA banners to let everyone know that we elders are taking a stand for climate justice.  This will be an historic event and we hope you will join us in making our voices heard!

on Pruitt Action

Elders Climate action supporters stepped up and sent over 300 letters to their Senators asking them not to support Scott Pruitt's nomination to the EPA. 

Great work ECA members and supporters we will need to keep our Members of Congress aware of their constituent's views!

There's Still Time To Take Action

  Young Voices For the Planet

As Alice Walker says, " The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any " but the   Young Voices for the Planet films  are very effective in showing young people that they do indeed have power.  Lynne Cherry , a popular  children's book author and illustrator , is the producer and director of these short inspiring films. She noticed how doom and gloom deflated children so she created short documentaries of children speaking 
out, creating solutions, changing laws, changing minds and changing society as they reduce the carbon footprint of their homes, schools and communities. For example, in Dreaming in Green four middle-school girls save their school $53,000 in energy bills. Save Tomorrow documents three nine-year-olds who overturn a law prohibiting solar panels on town buildings. These stories reach our hearts and inspire action. We encourage you to screen the films in schools and communities. Help kids lead the way!
Shirley McGrath
Partnerships Liaison, Elders Climate Action

As soon as I became aware of Young Voices for the Pl a ne t, I  purchased and watched their DVD with my husband, daughter and granddaughters.  It was truly inspirational!  The passion that these children and teens brought to their projects was simply amazing!  Several of their stories brought tears to my eyes.  Their belief that we can address climate change, stop global warming, slow sea-level rise and bring nutritious food to our school lunch programs instilled in me beautiful hope for the future of our Planet.  Each video can be watched separately in family or classroom settings to begin meaningful discussions about climate change or in general, how kids can make a difference!   I donated my copy to the New Brighton Middle School science teacher in Soquel, CA and recently took the DVD with Spanish sub-titles to Mexico to be shown at a primary school library in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.  I highly recommend visiting the website to obtain the DVD for your own families and schools.  

I continue to be inspired by my own grandchildren,  Maya McCain, Emma McCain, Madeline McGrath and Will McGrath, seen here at the January 21st Women's March in Santa Cruz, CA.

1 Million Letters Campaign

Heidi Dewar is shark scientist extraordinaire and adult organizer of the 1 Million Letters Campaign, a project supporting kids in sharing their climate concerns with President Trump. 

Because we all could use something that makes us smile!

Read about Al Gore's new project An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.

Because we all could use a little inspiration!


Find out up-to-date climate news at http://climatenexus.org

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