Following three years of La Nina, we are entering an El Nino pattern that indicates a shift in our weather pattern which will likely lead to a hotter, dryer summer. We may be seeing this with the extended warm dry late spring we had had.  Although not a guarantee of above normal, it is more likely.  Climate change and El Nino increase the importance of water conservation.


With warmer, dryer weather a reality and water costs rising significantly over the past decade, we have been focused on Water Conservation. Water conservation has become a critical landscape management tool to help save water and save money. Pacific Landscape Management is a leader in conservation in the Pacific Northwest. As we integrate the operations in Seattle to our range of services, Water Conservation is an enhanced offering to our new customers here. 

Weather Based Irrigation is one of the water conservation strategies that has the greater return on investment. We have promoted weather-based irrigation for years in Portland, but the capital cost to convert was cost prohibitive for many of our customers. When Weathermatic developed their subscription-based model, eliminating the capital cost for conversion, it has become much more accepted and we have installed over 750 systems in Portland over the past three years.  A majority of our customers in Portland have adopted Weather Based Irrigation as it is the most cost effective water management tool available to save you water and money. We are excited to bring this service to Seattle.  

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