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Return on Investment, Not an Expense

You have a vacancy in a sales, operations, marketing or engineering role. One of your top performers left unexpectedly, or you need to replace an under-performing team member. In either case, you realize the role needs to be filled in a timely manner and with a stronger candidate that can solve the challenges the predecessor faced to further grow your business unit....

Non-Compete Clauses in the Age of the IoT
An industry friend of mine forwarded me an article titled "The Tyranny of the Non-compete Clause". It's an interesting read on the etiology of non-competes and the concomitant impacts the use of the contracts have had on the growth of innovation.  It's a very worthwhile read for any business leader who's contemplating adding non-compete clauses to their already onerous hiring practices. Non-compete clauses are illegal in most instances in CA, with several states reviewing legislation to ...READ MORE

- Business Development Manager - Electrical Power Components Manufacturer
- Plant Manager - Power Distribution Manufacturer
- Heat Trace Sales Manager - Industrial Automation Manufacturer
- Business Development Manager - Power Distribution Manufacturer
- National Sales Manager - Power Supplies Manufacturer
- BDM/Power Distribution - Power Equipment Manufacturer
- OEM Sales Manager - Electrical Power Supply Manufacturer
- Applications Engr - Power Generation & Equipment Manufacturer
- National Sales Manager - Controls Manufacturer
- Applications Engr - Power Equipment Distribution Manufacturer
- Outside Sales - Industrial Electrical Equipment Manufacturer
- BDM - Custom Switchgear, Controls & Automation Manufacturer
- Marketing Manager - Electrical Equipment Manufacturer
- Territory Sales Manager - Electrical Equipment Manufacturer
- Regional Sales Manager - Electrical Power Supply Manufacturer
Rob Wieska
Power Distribution Recruiter

Rob Wieska is an Executive Recruiter for Egret Consulting Group, specializing in Power Distribution and Automation Technologies. He regularly blogs for Egret Consulting's website and corporate newsletter as well as industry related topics on LinkedIn and other social media.

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