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Compensation Laws

Since 2017, we've had at least 16 states and 12 cities enact a new regulation that stipulates you cannot ask a candidate for employment how much money they make. There is no equivocation cannot ask them how much their salary is, their bonus, their past W-2, their estimated earnings or their history of income. These new laws specifically prohibit ...

Trends in Wire
In this three part series, I will review the three questions I asked industry leaders at Interwire and the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo. The following are trends leaders highlighted in our conversations:  Urbanization and Transportation ...READ MORE

Do what your competition is unwilling to do!
When you prepare for an interview, phone or in person, remember you're competing against at least 2 - 3 others for the position. So, remember the following to set you apart and prove your interest and excitement for the opportunity...READ MORE

- Business Development Manager - Electrical Power Components Manufacturer
- Plant Manager - Power Distribution Manufacturer
- Heat Trace Sales Manager - Industrial Automation Manufacturer
- Business Development Manager - Power Distribution Manufacturer
- National Sales Manager - Power Supplies Manufacturer
- BDM/Power Distribution - Power Equipment Manufacturer
- OEM Sales Manager - Electrical Power Supply Manufacturer
- Applications Engr - Power Generation & Equipment Manufacturer
- National Sales Manager - Controls Manufacturer
- Applications Engr - Power Equipment Distribution Manufacturer
- Outside Sales - Industrial Electrical Equipment Manufacturer
- BDM - Custom Switchgear, Controls & Automation Manufacturer
- Marketing Manager - Electrical Equipment Manufacturer
- Territory Sales Manager - Electrical Equipment Manufacturer
- Regional Sales Manager - Electrical Power Supply Manufacturer
Rob Wieska
Power Distribution Recruiter

Rob Wieska is an Executive Recruiter for Egret Consulting Group, specializing in Power Distribution and Automation Technologies. He regularly blogs for Egret Consulting's website and corporate newsletter as well as industry related topics on LinkedIn and other social media.

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