UUFF Events and Services CANCELLED
UUFF COVID-19 Response:

Effective immediately, UUFF is cancelling in-person Sunday Services, Religious Exploration, and meetings/events until further notice. 

We are closely monitoring the news of COVID-19 and accessing what it means for our congregational life. So far, no cases have been reported in NWA, but our major retirement facility (Butterfield) has closed to visitors, and the University is moments away from becoming a remote campus. This is serious business, and we as UUs don’t take hopes and prayers as active faith -- we do things! To keep our elderly and babies safe, and frankly all of society, we need to not meet in large groups and endanger each other… So our leadership, from the Board, Shared Ministry Team, Adult RE, Child and Youth RE, Chalice Team and minister, have decided to cancel (postpone) our UUFF sponsored in-person Sunday services, Religious Exploration and meetings until further notice. We encourage all individuals/groups using our facility to do the same. 

This is about science, and what we as a society SHOULD be doing ahead of the virus’s spread to contain it. We are choosing to take preventative action.

Leadership is meeting, yes in person, but remotely by zoom and phone as well, to plan how to bring us together on a Sunday and other times; to provide worship, religious exploration, and meetings in safe, satisfying ways, and we hope to have an example up this coming Sunday, March 15th. Look for notices. We intend to lead in this area for NWA. 

We are looking into live streaming our services on Facebook, or by Video and Phone on Zoom, and our sermons will be recorded and posted on our website as we can. We do have Zoom available for meetings, Chalice Circles and Religious Exploration if need be. This is a user-friendly service already being used for several UUFF meetings, and it works very well.

Please, please – be aggressive about washing your hands.  That’s the most important thing. If you have any symptoms, or have a family member who does, please quarantine. This virus is most hard on those 60+ and infants, so limiting outings for folks in those age ranges is a good precaution. 

If you find you need to quarantine and need help or support with supplies or food, the healthy of us will help as we can. We will find ways to fulfill Meal Trains for those who need food, and support by phone or video. If you are healthy, we would also encourage volunteering for food banks and other non-profits who will need help in the near future. 

Below is a link to the CDC recommendations for prevention practices:

Hugs and Hopes from your UUFF leadership,

Leanda Gavin, Board President 
Rev. Jim Parrish, minister
Bettina Lehovec, Chalice Team Lead
Adele Coleman, Marty Faitak, Cobi Cogbill - Shared Ministry Team
Fawn Smith, Administrator

901 West Cleveland, Fayetteville, AR 72701 / 479-521-8422/ uuff.ar@gmail.com