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Successful Junior Livestock Association Buyers Workshop!

The Junior Livestock Association had a successful Buyers Workshop on April 8th at the Eaton County Fair Grounds! Youth got a chance to learn about showmanship etiquette, writing thank you's to buyers and taking care of your animals for the 2024 Eaton County Fair.

Special shout out to the JLA Board Members for educating and empowering the Eaton County youth with invaluable information about building relationships and public speaking skills. Thank you Lilly, Thela and Abby for your hard work!

Charlotte Community Library Printing for 4-H Members!

The Charlotte Community Library would like to offer printing services to Eaton County 4H participants in the 2024 Eaton County Fair!


Any Eaton County 4H presenter can print the materials needed for their entry at the fair for 10¢ a page for color printing instead of the 50¢ they usually charge. This is only for materials needed for their entry’s at the fair.

When you get the chance, please thank the library for their generous service. Thank you Charlotte Community Library!

Livestock and Poultry Owners Encouraged to Heighten Biosecurity!

Recently, highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) has been detected in cattle, cats and commercial poultry flocks across the country and Michigan. MSU Extension and its state partners are continuing to monitor the situation and providing outreach to help mitigate the spread of HPAI. Livestock and poultry owners are strongly encouraged to take proactive measures to defend against additional outbreaks in Michigan. Check out the following resources helpful information on biosecurity:

2023-2024 Program Enrollment Reminder

Enrollment is OPEN! Go to 4-H Online for the 2023-2024 program year!

  • For now on, we will be exclusively using the 2023-2024 email lists from 4-H Online.

New Volunteers: 

Are you considering volunteering as a Gold or Silver level volunteer? Apply online at:

Note - You MUST complete a full Gold Level Volunteer screening on Volunteer Central before you can be approved on 4-H Online. This includes an in-person interview with the 4-H Program Coordinator and references.

Enroll in 4-H Online by May 1st to be eligible to exhibit at fair as a 4-Her!

Do you know of any youth interested in exhibiting at the 2024 Eaton County Fair as a 4-H member? Encourage them to sign up in 4-H Online by May 1st! If you are interested in joining a specific club, please note that some clubs have earlier enrollment deadlines - please be in touch with your club administrative leader first!

Potential members and families can find our community club directory, the link to enroll in 4-H Online, and help tutorials for 4-H Online on our website at:

Benefits to enrolling earlier includes getting updates, a vote at meetings, a newsletter and taking advantage of all the information, resources and programs for the entire year.

4-H Program Contact Information

  • 4-H Program Coordinator: Zaire Parrotte - - 517-543-4420
  • 4-H Online enrollment questions: Please reach call the Extension office at 517-543-2310 or
  • Newsletter additions: Zaire Parrotte
  • You can also reach out to Roxanne Turner, District 8 supervisor (including Eaton), at or 517-546-3950.

Upcoming County 4-H Announcements, Events and Activities

SAVE THE DATE! Horse Development Committee Horse Clinic

Eaton County Fairgrounds, 1025 S Cochran Ave, Charlotte, MI 48813

June 30th (time - TBD)

If you are interested in anything horse, the Horse Development Committee is hosting a Horse Clinic at the Eaton County Fairgrounds. More information is coming soon!

Also, please take a look at the State Horse Selection Form for the 23-24 Program Year, provided by the Horse Development Committee.

Small Animal Association Buyers Workshop

MSU Extension Office - PMR

May 2nd at 8:00 pm

If you are interested in selling in the JLA/SAA Eaton County Sale this year at the 2024 Eaton County Fair, come to the SAA Buyers Workshop! It will be hosted at the MSU Extension Office basement in the PMR (public meeting room). It will start after the general meeting ends at 8pm.

4-H Pre-Fair Dog Fun Match

May 18, 2024

Eaton County 4-H dog project leaders and members extend a HEARTY WELCOME to Michigan 4-H Dog Project members and leaders and invite you to join us for a day of showing and fun being hosted by: Eaton County 4-H Dog Committee.

Pre-registration is preferred. Please return forms by Sunday, April 29, 2024. Registration will be from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. Exhibitors planning to show in the intermediate agility class need to register as early as possible. The show will begin at 9 a.m. with intermediate agility.  

Extension Office Hours and 4-H Program Coordinator Availability

The 4-H Program Coordinator will be absent on the following dates:

  • May 3rd

The 4-H Program Coordinator will be out of the office and working remotely on the following dates:

  • May 7th - May 9th
  • May 13th - May 14th
  • May 17th

The Extension office is open generally from 8am - 5pm and closed from noon to 1pm, Monday through Friday.

We may be closed occasionally due to the availability of staff. Please be patient with us if we are closed on short notice! You are always welcome to call the office to check hours prior to making the trip. Our phone number is 517-543-2310.

Save the Date - Upcoming County Meetings

Small Animal Association: Thursday May 2nd at 7pm, in the PMR

  • Buyer's Workshop
  • Open to all youth and volunteers in the poultry, rabbit/cavy, and goat project areas

4-H Council: Monday May 6th at 7pm, in the PMR

  • Open to all regardless of project area! Every club is encouraged to send at least 1 volunteer and 1 youth to every Council meeting.

Horse Development Committee: Wednesday May 15th at 6:30pm, in the PMR

  • Open to all youth and volunteers in the horse project area
  • This meeting will include a discussion on promoting an educational horse workshop in June

Jr Livestock Association: Monday June 10th at 7pm, Kardel Hall, Eaton County Fairgrounds

  • JLA/SAA Sale and Fair Prep
  • Open to all youth and volunteers in the beef, dairy beef/feeders, sheep, and swine project areas.
Statewide 4-H Events

Interested in attending a state or national 4-H workshop, camp, or other event? Don't forget - Eaton County 4-H has scholarships available to help cover the cost of the events! For more information about scholarships, check out the 4-H Council Event Scholarship Instruction and Form or contact 4-H staff.

Tips for Purchasing and Bringing Home Livestock

Adapted from:


Acquiring new stock is exciting whether you are building your herd or flock or purchasing your annual 4-H project. These tips will help manage their health and safety by making sure you know what to ask before purchasing and how to prepare to bring livestock home. 


Assessing Animal Health and Treatment Documentation

When purchasing animals, you should know their history. Ask the following questions:

·When was the animal born?

·What specific vaccinations has the animal been given and when were they given?

·If necessary, was the animal properly castrated and what method was used?

·Have any other treatments been administered to the animal? If so, what is the slaughter withdrawal for the drugs given?

·Have any of the animals on the farm been ill or shown symptoms of illness?

·If acquiring a market animal, what is the approximate weight?


Considerations as You Bring Animals Home

Transporting. Secure a trailer. If you do not own a trailer, make arrangements with someone who can transport animals for you. Be prepared to pay someone to provide transportation, as a courtesy.


Unloading. Make sure that your facility is ready to house your new animals before they arrive. Have a pen identified for new animals to go into with fresh water and appropriate feed. (Feed should be similar to their previous diet; changing to a new diet should be done over a period of time.) Have a clear and direct path to the animals’ new pen from the trailer. Make sure that all gates are open or closed, as appropriate, and secured.


Settling in. Isolate or separate new animals for a minimum of 14 days. At minimum, try to avoid nose-to-nose contact, and comingling feeding and watering. Minimize stress on new animals during the isolation period. If after 14 days, the newly acquired animals have not shown any symptoms of illness, it should be safe to comingle them into your existing herd or flock.


Comingling. Since each species has a social hierarchy, observe animals during comingling and separate if there is risk of injury. Over the course of a day, the herd or flock should settle into a routine that includes the new animals.

Michigan 4-H Volunteer Webinar - Preparing 4-H'ers for Fairs and Showcases

May 13th - Online


Attend this online session to hear about opportunities as well as techniques to prepare 4-H’ers for fairs and showcase events. This session will be offered twice, once as a daytime option and once as an evening option. 

Michigan 4-H International Exchange Program

"Open your Home and Heart, become a host family today, create memories that will never fade away!"

Host a Japanese youth in Summer 2024 through States’ 4-H International!

Invite an international youth (ages 12-17 years) or adult chaperone into your home for three and a half weeks and share an American experience. Expand your family’s cultural understanding, learn about new foods and customs, and possibly a new language all while sharing your own. You and your children will build lifelong friendships and will gain new perspectives on your own country too! Applications to host can be found at


For more information contact : Michigan 4-H International Exchange Program Coordinator Jan Brinn or Co-Coordinator John Wurm

Michigan 4-H Foundation Opens 2024-25 Grant Cycle

Awarded annually, the Michigan 4-H Foundation recently opened their grant and award opportunities for the 2024-2025 season. Open to 4-H volunteer leaders, members and staff, the grants and awards support local 4-H clubs and county programs, as well as recognize members of the 4-H community. All applications are due June 1. 

Opportunities include: 

  • Michigan 4-H Legacy Grants of $1,000. These grants are awarded to support development of a new program or initiative or to strengthen, enhance or expand a current program that is making a difference.
  • 4-H On-Target Grants of $500. These grants support 4-H Shooting Sports programs to enhance existing programs, develop a new program or offer a special experience related to 4-H Shooting Sports. 
  • The Collins 4-H Youth Horticulture Grant of $500. This grant is available only to 4-H youth clubs and supports advancement of club work in plant science and horticulture activities.
  • 4-H Educational Garden Grants of $1,000. These grants support the creation of local 4-H educational gardens in Michigan. 
  • Michigan Farm Bureau 4-H Excellence in Agriculture Award (includes $1,000 grant). This award recognizes outstanding 4-H agricultural volunteers that have exhibited excellence in 4-H youth education and leadership development.

Learn more or apply online at Questions? Contact the Michigan 4-H Foundation at 517-353-6692.

4-H Great Lakes and Natural Resources Camp Registration is Now Open!

Not Your Ordinary Summer Camp – 4-H Great Lakes & Natural Resources Camp Combines Fun with Science Literacy

4-H Great Lakes and Natural Resources Camp is an annual three-time national award-winning camp that mixes summer camp fun and hands-on science education. The camp will be held July 28-August 3, 2024 on the northern shores of Lake Huron at Camp Chickagami in Presque Isle. This Michigan State University (MSU) pre-college program is for teens aged 13 to 15 or those who’ll enter eighth through tenth grade in the fall. The registration fee is $500 and includes meals, snacks, lodging, a T-shirt, and program and activity costs.

Space is limited to 70 campers so register for a wonderful experience this summer! For more information and to register for the camp, visit:

During this enriching Michigan State University Extension educational program, campers will increase their science literacy and stewardship as they learn from natural resource experts in fields such as Great Lakes coastal and fisheries management, limnology, wildlife, forestry, geography, geology and environmental education. The hands-on learning includes exciting natural resources recreation activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, fossil hunting, archery, photography, and evenings around a campfire. Not only does the camp get kids outside enjoying nature and learning to be good environmental stewards, the sessions incorporate four of the five Michigan Department of Education science curriculum standards in earth science and three of the five standards in biology. Campers also have fun and make friends with people from different backgrounds and areas.

Following their involvement, campers are eligible for nomination to apply for a $2,000 MSU Pre-College Scholarship based on criteria such as attitude, behavior and active participation. The scholarship is applied toward each recipient’s first year at MSU as a degree-seeking student.

4-H Alumni & Supporters Walking Challenge

May 5th - June 1st

Starting May 5th, MSU Extension will host another 4-H Alumni & Supporters Walking Challenge, where participants will track their miles walked and compete for a top spot in the contest!

Each week, top contestants will win a 4-H swag prize and the county who logs the most miles throughout the whole challenge will earn a $100 cash prize for their county 4-H program! Random weekly winners will also be chosen amongst registered participants who have actively engaged in the contest during the previous week. 

Please register at:

March 3-May 4: JOANN 4-H Campaign

Stores across Michigan

While visiting your local JOANN store, you can support 4-H by adding a donation or rounding up at checkout. The funds donated will support the 4-H program with 50% going back to local 4-H programming and 10% supporting Michigan 4-H.


About the Youth Area: Visit the Ingham County 4-H Youth Area for hands-on activities and to observe live insects and reptiles! Activities include nature-based crafts, MI wildlife identification games, and more! Youth under age 12 get in for free!

Interested in volunteering in the youth area? Contact Rachel at or (517) 676-7300

Great Lakes 4-H Camp: Be a Camp Counselor!

July 28th - August 3rd

Great Lakes and Natural Resources camp is looking for youth counselors for camp week! Camp runs July 28th through August 3rd this year and there is a counselor orientation on July 26th and 27th. This is a great opportunity for youth ages 16-20 looking to get some leadership experience in a fun, fast-paced camp setting! Counselors attend camp for FREE!

Please reach out to Laura at with any questions.

2024 Michigan 4-H Horse Show

MSU Pavilion for Agriculture and Livestock Education

August 16, 17, 18, 2024

SAVE THE DATES! The Michigan 4-H State Horse Show is back; August 16th through August 18!

More information regarding Registration is coming soon, so be sure to get registered in your county to be eligible to attend! Check out the Delegate Info Packet.

Registration Information:

Registration for the 2024 4-H State Horse Show will be completed online. This year using the FairEntry system which will allow for online payment. Registration is $70, but each delegate will receive a $10 scholarship as part of an anonymous donation so you will only pay $60.00


2024 4-H State Horse Show NEW information:

T-Shirts and Sweatshirts will be available for PRE-PURCHASE during registration. T-Shirts will be ordered based on Registration orders, no ordering T-shirts at the county office this year.

Ranch Riding is making its debut at the 4-H State Horse Show! Exhibitors will have that class to select as one of their 4 classes to participate in. Each rider will complete a pattern (pattern to be selected from Championship class will be selected from the highest scoring patterns. Selected obstacles will be used to decide tiebreakers.


Sheep Clinic

This is a great opportunity to bring their sheep skills to the next level with hands on training focused on their lamb.

For more information, check out this link:

Get your tickets for Michigan 4-H Day with the Detroit Tigers!

Join Michigan 4-H and MSU Extension for a fun day at Comerica Park to watch the Detroit Tigers take on the Kansas City Royals on Sunday, April 28.

Michigan 4-H will be honored as the Group Charity of the Game. To celebrate, 4-H youth, volunteers, staff, and their families will enjoy a discounted ticket to the game. A portion of every ticket sold on this link will be donated back to Michigan 4-H. Make sure to wear your favorite 4-H gear and support 4-H while enjoying a fun day with the 4-H community.

New this year, Michigan 4-H guests will receive:

  • A dual-branded Michigan 4-H and Detroit Tigers hat. Hats are redeemable on gameday in section 332.
  • An exclusive pregame on-field opportunity. Timing and logistics of this opportunity will be released within a month of the game date.

Only tickets purchased through the Michigan 4-H link are eligible for these exclusive opportunities. This year, tickets will be available in a variety of locations throughout the stadium, with prices ranging from $27 - $59. Learn more at

MSU Extension Events & Programs

May 14: Extension Extra's Parenting Hour - Unlock the Conversation: Gun Safety for Parents


These free online parenting workshops will provide guidance for parents of children as they navigate the challenges, concerns, and joys of parenting. Participants may register for as few or as many workshops as they wish. The workshops are on Tuesday evenings from 8:00 to 9:30PM EST.

Class Times: 8:00PM to 9:30PM


May 21: Extension Extra's Parenting Hour

- Mindfulness for Children


These free online parenting workshops will provide guidance for parents of children as they navigate the challenges, concerns, and joys of parenting. Participants may register for as few or as many workshops as they wish. The workshops are on Tuesday evenings from 8:00 to 9:30PM EST.

Class Times: 8:00PM to 9:30PM


May 28: Extension Extra's Parenting Hour - ABC's of Early Literacy


These free online parenting workshops will provide guidance for parents of children as they navigate the challenges, concerns, and joys of parenting. Participants may register for as few or as many workshops as they wish. The workshops are on Tuesday evenings from 8:00 to 9:30PM EST.

Class Times: 8:00PM to 9:30PM


May 6, 13, 20: Parenting Series - Guiding Principles for Highly Successful Parenting


Are you wondering how to gain greater cooperation from your children? Struggling with chores or routines? Not sure how to handle discipline issues? Join us for this five-week parenting education series for parents with children of all ages will explore developing routines, emotional control, rules and relationships, and being a calm, assertive parent. Certificates of attendance are available.


Class Times: 7:30pm-9:00pm ET

Register at:

For more information contact Courtney Aldrich at


May 16, 23, 30: Parenting Series - The Parent Talk System


Do you feel like the children in your care aren’t listening to you? Do you find yourself constantly repeating yourself trying to gain compliance? This 6-week series is for parents and caregivers of children of all ages and is designed to improve communication and provide practical verbal strategies for raising confident, caring, responsible children. Topics include eliminating unwanted behavior, setting limits, teaching about consequences, giving effective feedback, promoting independence, and developing character. Certificates of attendance are available.

Class times: 7:30pm-9:00pm ET


For more information, contact Courtney Aldrich,

May 8: Kinship Caregiver Classes - Introduction to Positive and Adverse Childhood Experiences (PACES)


Kinship Caregiver classes are targeted to relatives caring for another relative’s children. 


 Class Time: 7:00PM to 8:30PM


For more information contact Courtney Aldrich at

May 15: Adulting 101 Series - Build and Protect Your Credit


By attending this workshop, you can learn why your credit matters, how to start obtaining credit and how to manage it.



May 22: Michigan 4-H Volunteer Webinar - Managing Risk for Volunteers


One step in keeping 4-H’ers safe is reviewing the media and medical authorization forms for members engaged in your club. Attend this session to learn how to access, review and keep this information safe while serving as a 4-H volunteer. This session will be offered twice, once as a daytime option and once as an evening option. 

For the most up-to-date events listing, go to

4-H Club Best Practices

This section will feature a different topic each newsletter highlighting best practices for 4-H clubs. Everyone, youth 4-Hers, adult volunteers, and families, can contribute toward making their club the best and following best practices!

Office roles and responsibilities

Michigan State University Extension 4-H Youth Development offers teens an opportunity to develop leadership skills while preparing them for using these skills as adults. Club officer positions provide an opportunity to practice real leadership roles that impact the success of a group. The following describes the four essential officer positions their responsibilities and supporting materials to help officers be successful.


The president of a club presides over meetings, builds the meeting agenda, assures that the meeting runs in an orderly manner and strives to make sure all members’ opinions are heard. If committees are needed, presidents appoint committee members. Since the president is responsible for creating the meeting agenda, it is important they are familiar with the order of business. A typical meeting agenda would consist of:

  • Call to order
  • Pledges
  • Roll call
  • Secretary’s report
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Old business
  • New business
  • Announcements/leaders report
  • Adjournment

Vice president

Vice presidents fill in for the president and presides over the meeting if the president is absent, therefore, the vice president must understand the roles and responsibilities of the president listed above. Additional responsibilities to consider giving the vice president includes following-up with any committees to make sure they stay on task, having them responsible for the learning portion of the meeting and serve in the role of introducing presenters or guests.


The secretary records all of the business of the meeting and a record of each member’s attendance. Secretaries provide a report at each meeting by presenting the minutes from the previous meeting. This can be done by providing a handout or by reading the minutes aloud, and must be approved by the entire group. Once minutes are approved, they become the official record of the business that was conducted at the meeting. Secretaries should record full minutes as soon as possible after the conclusion of the meeting so that the discussion is fresh in their mind. Keep all meeting minutes in one safe place so they can be referenced as needed.


Treasurers are responsible for keeping track of and reporting the income and expenses for the club. Treasurers are responsible for writing checks for expenses, making any deposits into the club account, balancing the club check book, and preparing and reporting a treasurer’s report to the 4-H club. A treasury report must include previous balance from the last report, a summary of income and expenses since the last meeting. The treasurer should be prepared to answer specific questions regarding income, expenses and current balance. Managing Money Wisely is a full financial manual for 4-H treasurers.

For more information regarding roles and responsibilities of officers in clubs Michigan State University has excellent resources to assist each of the officers as well as a publication “Helping You Help Officers and Committees,” which assists volunteers in supporting officers in their roles.

Adapted from "Officer roles and responsibilities in a 4-H club" by Janelle Stewart. Find more about this article at:

Eaton County Fair

The following information is related to the Eaton County Fair. While The Eaton County Fair is not a MSU Extension, 4-H sponsored event, this information is of interest to many in our 4-H community. Please contact the Eaton County Fair directly for any fair related questions. Contact information can be found on their website at

Fair Board Meetings

Fair board holds public meetings on the third Monday of the month.

The next public fair board meeting is Monday, May 20th at 7pm at Kardel Hall.

2024 Eaton County Fairbook Available!

Please take a look at the 2024 Fairbook for information and details to prepare for the 2024 Eaton County Fair!

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