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Epson RC+ Express features an easy-to-learn, block-style robot teaching environment to get users up and running fast.

This intuitive software development environment is designed for use with Epson's T-Series All-in-One and LS-B Series SCARA robots.

Epson RC+ Express is a simple, visual-based teaching environment built for users who are new to robot automation and have little to no programming experience. The easy visual builder interface allows you to quickly get started with industrial automation without the need of a highly-skilled engineer.
The 3D Simulator enables you to build and fine-tune your application even before your hardware has even arrived. 
  • Simple to navigate
  • Easy-to-use Block-style teaching
  • Quick setup
  • Includes common application templates
Panasonic Laser Markers are ideal for the high speed, non-contact, permanent labeling of metals, plastics, resins, glass and natural materials such as paper, wood or leather. Panasonic's Laser Markers make no contact with the target object and have no moving parts or consumables - a strong advantage over methods like stamping or engraving.
Panasonic’s FAYb fiber lasers are best suited for high-contrast markings like metal annealing, etching, and engraving. They produce an extremely small focal diameter (resulting in intensity up to 100 times higher than a CO2 system), making them the ideal choice for permanent marking of serial numbers, barcodes, and data matrix on metals.

Panasonic’s array of CO2 laser markers are ideal for a wide range of non-metallic materials including plastics, textiles, glass, acrylic, wood, and even stone. They are used in pharmaceutical and food packaging as well as the marking integrated circuits, and electronic components.
Online Training Courses
Join us for our online training courses in Robotics, Vision, Controls, Visualization, and Safety.
Cognex In-Sight Basic Training

November 30 - December 1, 2021
Cognex In-Sight Advanced Training

December 2, 2021
Mitsubishi Programming GX-Works2

November 30 - December 2, 2021
IAI Introduction to SEL Programming

December 3, 2021
Mitsubishi GOT2000
& GT Works3 Training

December 7-9, 2021
Mitsubishi GX-Works3

December 14-17, 2021