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The Eastern Corridor Implementation Partners
The Eastern Corridor Community Celebrates 
the Opening  of a Major Project Component

Project partners cutting the ribbon 
for the flyover ramp
A major piece of the Eastern Corridor Program of transportation improvements is nearly complete! Last week's opening of the flyover ramp - which provides direct access to eastbound SR 32 from southbound I-275 - signaled the conclusion of the 
I-275/SR 32 Interchange Improvements project. (Crews will be wrapping-up pavement work in the area, however, they will be done within the next few weeks, weather permitting.)    

Several years in the making, the highly-traveled interchange provides an important and improved
link to drivers moving through both Hamilton and Clermon t counties. The improvements address a variety of problems including high accident 
rates, increasing traffic congestion and
inappropriately spaced roadway access points that required drivers to merge quickly and weave in 
between accelerating traffic. 

Clermont County Engineer Pat Manger speaks to the crowd at the ribbon-cutting event

This work was part of a well-coordinated series of projects, including the improvements to Eastgate North Frontage Road and the reconstruction of Eastgate Boulevard over SR 32, tha t will better  support current and future travel demand in the area. 

The Ohio Department of Transportation also recently opened the new access tunnel, which  allows traffic from northbound I-275 to access eastbound SR 32 more directly by by-passing the traffic light at the end of the I-275 exit ramp. Once drivers adjust to the new pattern of traffic, this should ultimately help traffic move more smoothly from northbound I-275 traveling to eastbound SR 32, westbound SR 32 and to Eastgate Boulevard.

The tunnel will help drivers traveling from northbound I-275 to eastbound SR 32 reach their destinations more easily. 

The I-275/SR 32 interchange improvements are part of the Eastern Corridor Program of projects, which is a program of integrated, multi-modal transportation investments that will improve mobility, ease congestion, increase access and support economic development between downtown Cincinnati and western Clermont County. 

Click the image above to view a map of the I-275/SR 32 Interchange Improvements.

ODOT, the Clermont County Transportation Improvement District (CCTID) and project partners will continue to improve access, travel safety and connectivity as they continue work on SR 32 between Eastgate and Batavia. The project team is currently studying improvements on mainline SR 32 as well as several supporting local connections to improve travel east of Eastgate. Click here to view the SR 32 Area Improvements, Eastgate to Batavia map. 

Click the image above to view a map of the SR 32 Area Improvements, Eastgate to Batavia

For more information about the SR 32 Area Improvements, Eastgate to Batavia, go to: