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Happy Spring and Easter!  

Get out and go for a ride...  
or a walk... today!   
Stay safe!

  • Choose a route with less auto traffic;
  • Use a mirror, bring water, use a light, dress brightly;
  • Follow the "Rules of the road",
  • How to use Sharrows...
  • Gain eye contact of drivers at intersections
  • Be civil - say thank you to courteous drivers

Shop for your bikes and  supplies at your local bike shops: Cupertino Bike Shop, Trailhead Cyclery and  Calabazzas Cycles 


Key Bike Events this week:

Cupertino Bike Projects Update:

Regnart Creek Trail:

McClellan Road Class IV Separated Bikeway:


Happy trails and Safe Rides!

Your team at Walk-Bike Cupertino

Helping Make Cupertino a safe and easy place to walk and bike!

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