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Exclusive Easter Savings!

On April 16th Visions By Carol Photography will be capturing images of your children with baby ducks. These mini sessions will be at a discounted rate and space is limited. $20 is for your creation fee and 8 wallets of your favorite image. Prices for additional prints are below. Schedule your appointment by clicking the below highlighted link. All appointments must be scheduled through this system.

1 8x10 = $15
1 5x7 = $12
2 4x5 = $12
8 wallets = $12
16 wallets = $19
2 4x5 & 4 wallets = $15
1 5x7 & 4 wallets = $15
11x14 = $35
16x20 = $55


Easter Pics with Ducks Easter 2011 set

Sessions are on a first come first serve basis. I will monitor the schedule and as they spots fill up I will try to add more time slots if time permits. Click the below link to schedule your appointment today!


To the right is a picture of this years set. Just add ducks and water. Below is a short list of clothing suggestions for your children.
Boys                                                      Girls      
overalls with no shirt or shoes           capri's with a cute shirt
dress slacks & shirt                           Easter dress
shorts and shirt                                shorts and shirt

please keep in mind the clothes might get a tad damp due to the water we will have for the ducks and the ducks might poop. Just keep that in mind so you have clothing that can be washed.



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Carol Johnson
Visions By Carol Inc.
Once photographed you will receive instructions on how to view your images and place your order. Once all orders are placed it will take about a week to get them back. The studio will call you when your order is in and ready to be picked up unless you chose to have them mailed to you. 


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