The Perspective from Here

Ready For School

I believe one of the most stressful times in a parent's life is when their child begins school. Is this true for you?

We can be consumed with making sure our child is 'ready' for school, and what does 'ready' mean? Are they able to say the alphabet, count to 10, print their name, separate without tears, dress themselves... the list goes on and they are only four!

As parents, we are all doing our best and we should remind ourselves that our children are going to school to learn, not entering knowing everything. There will be days when they can say the alphabet and the next day forget a letter or two. Other times when they go into school forgetting to say "good bye", and you are the one in tears.

It is important to remember to look at your child as a unique individual and celebrate all they are capable of in this moment in time. It is easy to begin to compare your child's accomplishments to others and worry if it doesn't seem like your child is keeping up. The unique development of each child is a joy to watch unfold. To see them try, fail, and try again until mastery on their own!

So, what can we do to help with the transition to school? Immerse your child in language from the moment they are born. Babble with them, read with them, engage in their play. Provide opportunities to practice dressing themselves, opening and closing lunch containers, helping prepare food. All the things you do on a daily basis with your child are helping them with their fine motor development, language skills, gross motor development and overall well-being. There are many steps in the process of learning and some can be subtle, but are critical to mastering the skill.

That's the perspective from here.

Stay well,
Pam Rennie, BA, BEd, RECE
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What's Happening Here?
What do you see when you look at this photo? Does it provoke questions?

Here's what the child may be learning and thinking...

-Fine motor skills, like pincer grasp
-Imaginative play
-Engaging with nature
-Math skills like measurement, weight, counting and sorting
-Sensory exploration
-Over all feeling of well being from being outside
-Colour identification
Muskoka Home Child Care Agency, a home away from home.
We view children as wondrous, joyful, and inquisitive and we find fulfillment in honoring their uniqueness. We pride ourselves on providing quality care in our community that supports our families in feeling welcomed, valued, and connected as we create a learning environment that invokes curiosity and engagement while igniting a lifelong love of learning.

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In-Person Programs
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Nature, Play, Kinship (Outdoor) 9:30-11:00
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Playful Park (Outdoor) 10:00-12:00 Wednesdays at Kirby's Beach Park, Bracebridge
Trek, Explore, Connect (Outdoor) 10:00-11:30 Thursdays at Hunters Bay Trail, Huntsville
Food for Thought (Virtual) Last Tuesday of every month. Dinner delivered to your home. Registration required.
Preparing your Child for Kindergarten
"New friends, new skills, and all-day fun: There’s a lot to look forward to in kindergarten! And there’s lots to do to get ready for the first day. 

Your child may be anxious about leaving home and making friends — that’s OK! Nervousness is natural. To ease first-day jitters, you can read books with your child from this list that encourages social-emotional skills for kindergartners, so they can put their best foot forward when meeting new people."

CLICK HERE for 20 skills to help your child prepare for kindergarten
What is your favourite outdoor activity to do in the fall?
Caitlyn - evening bonfires to cozy up to
Autumn - exploring the forest floor with my son as the leaves begin to fall
Chris - hiking, I love seeing the leaves changing colour
Christine - apple picking at an orchard
Carly - hiking - I love the chill air as you hike, and the leaves changing colour
Rachel - looking at fall colours from the top of Huckleberry Rock
Sue - play tennis
Michelle - go to Algonquin park to see the teaves
Stephanie - going for a paddle and seeing the changing colours on the trees along the shoreline
What parent resource topic would you like to see next?
Learning more about skill building activities for children
Learning more about family fun activities for fall
Healthy Summer Snack Ideas
Here are some fun and interactive ways to incorporate fruits and veggies into your child's diet. The bonus is the connection you experience and the sense of self-worth your kids get from helping create their own treats!
  • 4 ingredient cheesy carrot crackers
  • Fruit necklaces
  • Apple nachos
  • Veggie rainbow wraps
  • Ants on a log
  • Strawberry frozen yogurt
  • Sour patch grapes
  • Veggie art plates
  • Raspberry quinoa smoothie

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