Making Learning Visible for Parents
The Perspective from Here

First Attempt In Learning

Whether it is navigating our child's first step, first word, or our first-time driving, there are quite a few attempts before mastery. This is important to keep in mind not only for ourselves but for those around us as well. Failure often carries a negative view, but if we look at the root word fail and view it from a lens of First Attempt In Learning, it can bring a whole new perspective.

Human beings are constant learners, our brain is forever pruning out unnecessary information and building new pathways of learning. Some of us may be more intentional lifelong learners, always taking courses, reading, trying new things. While others may be learning in more subtle ways. No matter the type of learner you are, don't let the fear of failure prevent you from trying something new.

We can be quick to look at someone's failure and scoff at them, or ridicule. But, honestly, in most cases we should celebrate that they tried. Why you ask? In every attempt there is the opportunity to learn, to break down the process into manageable steps, to try again. Even if you or your child does poorly on a test, rather than focus on the mark, reflect on changes that you could make in your study habits, ask for extra help, look at different techniques for studying, and don't dwell on the mark.

Our children are constantly trying and failing as they make gains in their development. Let's celebrate their attempts and learn from them. Ready to take a risk and try something new?!

That's the perspective from here.

Stay well,
Pam Rennie, BA, BEd, RECE
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What's Happening Here?
Looking at the Depth of Play
What do you see when you look at this photo?

Here's what the child may be learning and thinking...

-Fine motor skills, like pincer grasp
-Hand-eye coordination
-Self regulation (building structures can be frustrating)
-Math skills like counting and sorting
-Experimenting with balance, cause and effect
-Representation of architecture
-Colour identification
Parent Resource Podcast
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Preparing your Child for Kindergarten
"New friends, new skills, and all-day fun: There’s a lot to look forward to in kindergarten! And there’s lots to do to get ready for the first day. 

Your child may be anxious about leaving home and making friends — that’s OK! Nervousness is natural. To ease first-day jitters, you can read books with your child from this list that encourages social-emotional skills for kindergartners, so they can put their best foot forward when meeting new people."

CLICK HERE for 20 skills to help your child prepare for kindergarten
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What is your favourite Thanksgiving tradition?
Caitlyn - deep fried turkey at mom's house
Autumn - going on a fall hike before eating dinner
Chris - making Thanksgiving dinner and having all my children home
Christine - having a traditional Slovak dinner with my extended family
Rachel - getting together for a family dinner and finishing up all the food at the cottage
Sue - going to the cottage for a family Thanksgiving
Michelle - having a big turkey dinner with my family
Stephanie - hiking up Huckleberry Rock to see the fall colours and seeing so many other people doing the same
Nicole - family, food, football and a fall hike
What parent resource topic would you like to see next?
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