Making Learning Visible for Parents
The Perspective from Here

Ready for the next event?

How are you feeling after Hallowe'en? Plus the time change! Are you ready for Christmas?

At times it feels so overwhelming. The thought of the prep work, shopping, organizing plus maintain the typical daily stuff... It is a hectic time of year and the colder, damp weather plus less daylight hours can make it all feel more daunting.

It helps to take a moment to check our intent for the things we sign up for and ensure it is serving ourselves and our families for the right purpose. Do we need to go to all the holiday parties or is there one or two that meet our needs? Should I sign up for another Secret Santa so I don't look like Scrooge, or is really taking me beyond my budget and time constraints and adding more stress? Oh and that family photo with Santa!

What can you truly manage right now, be true to yourself so you can be present for your family and enjoy the holiday season. By the way, if you need a Santa photo, Santa will be visiting EarlyON!

You don't have to be be everything to everyone and you don't have to be everywhere. Be sure of your intention.

That's the perspective from here.

Stay well,
Pam Rennie, BA, BEd, RECE
There are a variety of services that support food, shelter and financial needs. Visit District of Muskoka to find support near you.
What's Happening Here?
Looking at the Depth of Play
What do you see when you look at this photo?

Here's what the child may be learning and thinking...

-Sensory exploration, engaging all the senses
-Classification, sorting, counting
-Colour identification
-Mindfulness learning to slow down and focus on the small details
-Appreciation of time outdoors in a nature and the benefits of being outside
-Cause and effect through learning about the leaves changing colour
-fine and gross motor
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What is your favourite rainy day activity?
Caitlyn - baking cookies and sipping Earl Grey tea
Autumn - going on a walk to see how vibrant the colours in nature are when it is raining and everything is wet
Chris - making boats out of sticks and floating them in puddles
Christine - doing a puzzle
Rachel - playing in puddles with my children, we like to make pretend soups and stews using nature treasures like pine needles, leaves and twigs
Sue - playing crib with my son
Michelle - make a tea, get my blanket and watch a movie
Stephanie - getting the rain gear on and going for a walk in the forest, I love listening to the rain falling on the trees
Nicole - look for the biggest puddles to jump in with my boys
What parent resource topic would you like to see next?
The Importance of Outdoor Play in all Weather
Battling Seasonal Affective Disorder for Parents and Children
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