Early Thanks Giving 

from KSHP Sponsored Students

Queensvel Eve Apondi, 2014 graduate


Since 2010, eighty-five disadvantaged Kendu Bay children have graduated from high school through KSHP sponsor support. 

These students have volunteered more than 5,000 hrs of service to local schools, hospitals and social service organizations in their communities.  

90% of KSHP sponsored students, like those below, have received tuition-free university scholarships since 2011. They are bringing back to their communities technical and leadership skills in education, health care and business.

A KSHP sponsorship blesses the child, the family and the community.  

Recent testimonies of gratitude from KSHP student graduates . . . 

The scholarship you sponsored through KSHP has helped not only me, but it has also helped my family. My mother is now able to support my siblings' basic needs. She has a reason to thank God that I made it through high school due to the scholarship. I want to promise to you that I will always make you proud of me as your daughter and that I too will help somebody make it in life as you have helped me.

Lilian Adoyo,  sponsored 2009-2011

Medicine & Surgery


Hezekiah & Dickson

My everlasting thanks to you and to KSHP for helping me to discover my potential.  My level of thinking, the courage that has built up in me, my leadership skills, the services I am now able to give to the society make me feel great about myself and are useful not only to my family but even to the community at large. 


Dickson Adika, sponsored 2007-2011  
Electrical Engineering


I want to give real appreciation for your help through KSHP. You came to my rescue at a time I really needed it most and it is because of you and KSHP that I am where I am today. I can proudly stand with confidence before anyone.  Because of my school work, in June I will participate in a charity contribution towards a rehabilitation centre for girls that have escaped early marriage and FGM.
Audrey Owuor,  sponsored 2006-2010  

I have been busy enjoying my [160 hrs] community service, helping with indoor manual work, such as fixing the beds, cleaning the floors and in the distribution of mosquito nets at Adiedo Dispensary, located in Kendu Bay.  The service was enjoyable and made me realize that however young one is, a person of great mind can do more and reflect back to his community the best of one's service.  Great appreciation followed this recognition and I see and count my holiday blessings one by one.  I felt grateful, as my service was good for the management.  

Denis Okoth, sponsored 2010-2014    

The turning point for me came when I got the chance to be a KSHP beneficiary in 2006.  This meant I would be able to get a secondary education.  This has been the greatest celebration for nothing is of greater worth in my life as this gift of education.  I look forward to continue working with KSHP in any way I can to keep this spirit burning.  For that is the only way I can say "Thank You" for all that you have done to help me and others like me.


Richard Duncan Odhiambo, sponsored 2006-2010

Information Technology 




Sponsored students give thanks by giving back.


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