(1)  1- Ia Vseobshchaia Germanskaia khudozhestvennaia vystavka.  First Comprehensive German Artists Exhibtion. Mezhrabpom. Numerous black and white illustrations. Pencil marks throughout catalog listing of 501 items. Moscow-Leningrad. 1924. $350. 8-1/2 x 6".
(2) Katalog postoiannoi khidozhestvennoi vystavki. Kul't-Otdela V.Ts.S.P.S.  Permanent Art Exhibition of the V.Ts.S.P.. Moscow. 1926. $250. 10-1/4 x 7".
(3)  Katalog vystavki risunkov.  State Tsvetkovskaia Gallereia. Exhibition catalog of pictures. Group of artists:  Bruni,Kupreianov, Lebedev, L'vov, Miturich, V.E. Tatlin, N.A. Tyrsy. 121 works in the exhibition. Moscow. 1925. $450. 6-3/4 x 5'
(4)  V. Lebedev.  First retrospective exhibition of Lebedev's work at the State Russian Museum. Catalog of over 350 works. Block neatly separated. Cover portrait of Lebedev by N. Tyrsa. Leningrad. 1928. $550. 6-7/8 x 5-1/4". MoMA #770.
(5)  Vystavka proizvedenii khudozhnikov gruppyi "Bubnovyii Valet" Jack of Diamonds Group.
A retrospective exhibition "Jack of Diamonds", showing 72 works by 8 artists — founders and the leading masters of the Society... Goncharova, Konchalovsky, Kuprin, Larionov, Lentulov, Mashkov, Rozhdestvensky and Falk. State Tretiakov Gallery. Moscow. March 1927. $500. 8-3/8 x 5-3/4".
(6) Poltevsky, A. Khudozhnik  pered litsom rabochikh.  AKhR. Artist in the Face of Workers. Essays surrounding the first exhibition of AKhR. Moscow. 1929. $300. 7-1/4 x 5-1/2".
(7)  Vystavka proizvedenii K.S. Malevicha.  State Tretiakov Gallery. Moscow. 1929. $750. 6-3/4 x 5".
(8) 2- я peredvizhnaia vystavka zhivopis' i grafika. Many of the well-known artists (and their associations e.g., AKhR, OST, OMX, Oktiabr') from this period are represented: Narkompros G laviskus stvo. Moscow. 1930. $450. 6-7/8" x 5".
(9) Vystavka Nemetskoi proizvodstvennoi, grafiki bund Deutscher gebrauchsgrafiker. "German Industrial Graphics." Exhibited were mostly posters (trade, cinema, etc.)... also advertisements, wrappings, magazine covers, book illustrations. VOKS. 1930. $350. 6" x 4-1/4".
(10) Khudozhniki RSFSR za 15 let. "Artists of Russian Federation in 15 Years". Anniversary exhibition. Painting, Graphic, Sculpture. One of the most important Soviet exhibitions of the Russian Avant-garde. The last exhibition during his lifetime that displayed Malevich's Suprematist works. Many hundreds of listings. Leningrad: State Russian Museum, 1932. $850. 6 x 4-1/4".

(11) Maslennikov, Nikolay. Katalog peredvizhnoi vystavki. "Catalogue of the Traveling Exhibition". Paintings Drawings, Posters Textiles. Participants: Deineka, Lentulov, Udal'tsova, Favorsky, Ignatovich, Klutsis and many others. Moscow: Khudozhnik, 1931. $850. 6-1/2 x 5-1/8".
(12) 15 let RKKA. Zhivopis', grafika, skul'ptura, tekstil', dekorativnoe iskusstvo, iskusstvo Palekha i msteriy.
A poor copy, excessively worn, but still useful due to the book's bulk and its many artists' photographic portraits with bios and numerous plates. Khudozhestvennaia vystavka. Moscow. 1933. $250. 6-3/4 x 5".
(13)   Vystavka rabot skul'ptorov. ...  "Exhibition of Sculptors". Artists included: Zelensky, Kepinov, Lebedeva, Mukhina, Favorsky, and Chaikov. Cover graphic by Goncharov, A. Moscow: MOSSKhS, 1935. $400. 6 x 4-1/4".
(14) Katalog pervoi vystavki... "Catalog of the 1st Exhibition of Leningrad Artists". Among the participants in this important exhibition were Lebedev, Malevich, Petrov-Vodkin, Konashevich, Yudovin, Suetin, artists of Filonov's school, etc. Hundreds of listings. State Russian Museum of Painting, Sculpture and Graphics. Leningrad. 1935. $400. 7 x 5".
(15) Vystavka khudozhestvenniykh proizvedenii k al'bomu "Krasniyi Voenniyi Vozdushchkiyi Flot. Exhibition of works of art for the album "Red Army Air Fleet".
Vsekokhudozhnik. Moscow. 1936. $250. 7 x 5".
(16)  Katalog vystavka kartin Moskovskikh khudozhnikov  in Yalta, Crimea. Over 400 entries. MOSSX. Moscow. 1937. $350. 6-1/2 x 4-5/16".
( 17)  Mayakovsky katalog khudozhnik.  1963.  Vystavka - zhivopis', grafika, risunkei.  State Library-Museum V.V. Mayakovsky. Moscow. 1963. $400. 7-7/8 x 5-1/8". A modern rarity.
(18) Ten (10) fold-out brochures from the 1948 Paris exhibition titled "Soviet Woman in Art". Each brochure features a different artist: 1. Vera Moukhina (French language); 2. Elena Kononenko (English); 3. Alla Tarasova (English); [more...]
4. Valeria Barsova (English); 5. Natalia Uzhviy (English); 6. Vera Maretskaya (English); 7. Lyubov Orlova (English); 8. Agnia Barto (English); 9. Sarra Lebedeva (French); and (10) Olga Lepeshinskaya (English). $750 (for the group of 10). Each measures 8-3/4 x 3-3/4".
(19) "SUCH IS SOVIET DEMOCRACY IN ACTION." Colorful English language brochure that has illustrations on all panels and which folds out to a poster size 22 x 17". Graphics and text: "Who is in the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R."; "Who Elects Them"; "Electors Recall Their Deputy"; A Question in the Soviet Parliament"; "Discuss How Best to Manage Industry"; "This is What Became of the Five Sons of a Kirghiz Peasant Woman"... U.S.S.R. Section: Brussels Universal and International Exhibition 1958.
Reference: "Vystavki Sovetskogo izobrasitel'nogo, iskusstva". Spravochnik. Tom I-IV. Sovetskii khudozhnik. Moscow. 1965
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