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September 3, 2021

What's On Our Mind ...

This Jewish New Year looks different from last year’s. For now, many of us will be able to gather with families and friends in person, in a safe manner. But our worries are not over. As we usher in the Jewish New Year, our Jewish community and nation still face many challenges.

Our ability to make our own health care decisions, live in communities free from gun violence, be free from pervasive antisemitism and hate crimes, and easily access the ballot box are still not guaranteed. We must continue our efforts to elect JAC candidates so we have an effective Congress who can implement these vital changes.

The future of Roe v. Wade is in doubt. A new law in Texas prohibits abortion after 6 weeks, AND implements a $10,000 bounty for anyone across the country who reports someone who aids and abets an abortion - a doctor, a rape counselor, an office administrator, someone who drives the patient to their appointment - literally anyone who helps ‘facilitate’ an abortion. The six anti-choice justices on SCOTUS who refused to put a stay on the Texas law are preparing to take up a Mississippi case that could do more damage to women’s health care. Other states across the country are working actively trying to further restrict a woman’s right to have an abortion.

Voter suppression is challenging the core of our democracy. Last week the House passed the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act to try and counter the GOP’s actions to keep Democratic voters home. But it may unfortunately get stalled in the Senate. 

Antisemitism and hate crimes continue across the nation. Law enforcemect documented a 59% increase in hate crimes in 2020. Hate has no place in our democracy. President Biden appointed Holocaust historian and JAC-friend Deborah Lipstadt as the Special Envoy to Monitor & Combat Antisemitism - together we must work towards a day when antisemitism and hate crimes are a footnote in history books.

Gun violence has reached every community in this country claiming 106 lives each day. The House has also tried to address this problem with a bill to expand background checks to those purchasing weapons over the internet, at gun shows, and through certain private transactions. Eight GOP members joined that effort. But again, it is stalled in the Senate. 

This year let us all find the strength and determination to continue to work towards our common goals of building a better country. Let us hold in our thoughts and prayers those fleeing persecution and those who are prevented from living in freedom.

Thank you for all that you do for JAC.

Wishing you and your family a Shanah Tovah.


JAC support was delivered to Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) by Betsy Sheerr, Sylvia Cohn, & Harriet Schleifer.

Your Action Needed

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The conservative majority of the Supreme Court allowed a blatantly unconstitutional abortion ban to go into effect in Texas this week. The new law strips health care rights from Texas women before most women even know they are pregnant.

Contrary to the decision in Roe v. Wade nearly 50 years ago which allowed abortion until viability - typically 24 weeks - the new law bans abortions after typically 6 weeks - when the beat of the fetal pole can first be detected.

Instead of criminalizing abortion, this law includes a 'Sue Thy Neighbor' provision: the law offers a $10,000 bounty to anyone who reports and successfully sues any person who aids a woman in obtaining an abortion after 6 weeks in Texas civil courts. Further, any clinic found guilty of performing an abortion after 6 weeks MUST be closed by the state.


There is a Congressional bill that would codify the protections of Roe v. Wade into federal law, overturning state laws restricting abortion access.

Call your Representative and Senators and demand they pass the

Women's Health Protection Act

SB-1975 & HR-3755

Share our action alert with family, friends, and colleagues.

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Less than 100 Days 'til the elections in Virginia & New Jersey!

With voter suppression laws being passed across the country, we need first-time voters from 2020 to show up now more than ever. Order your postcards to voters in these key swing states today.

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Conversation with Rep. Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5)

Thursday, October 7

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August 31, 2021 On Saturday, thousands marched to reassert the principles expressed by Dr. King 58 years ago.

JAC calls on the Senate to pass the For The People Act and the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2021. We must protect the right to vote #electionsmatter

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In the News



Cultural exchange between Israel and the UAE could create a different kind of normalization model than Israel’s peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan. Israel plans to legalize thousands of undocumented Palestinian spouses as part of an overall Israeli strategy to strengthen the Palestinian Authority. The Israeli Navy and the U.S. Navy held a "historic" joint exercise in the Red Sea, beginning cooperation to strengthen Israeli maritime power.


Jews are the target of 58% of all religiously motivated hate crimes in the U.S. A new survey reveals that nearly all Jewish students and alumni say that campus antisemitism is a ‘problem.’ Six months after his internet posts attacking Jews came to light, a U.S. Foreign Service officer remains employed by the State Department while at least 70 of his co-workers sent a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken demanding his dismissal.

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The strictest abortion law in the U.S. took effect in Texas. It turned the public into its enforcers to evade legal challenges. Other states have also been passing "heartbeat bills" in the hope that the Supreme Court will eventually revoke Roe v. Wade. Meanwhile, the Hyde Amendment, which prevents federal funding for abortion care, still stands and leads to more domestic violence.


Former Trump administration officials are launching a new faith-based outreach effort to push back at what Republicans claim to be an “anti-faith agenda” by the Biden administration. As more companies and states require employees to get COVID-19 vaccines, religious exemptions are expected to become a legal battleground. Ohio joins a lawsuit against the federal government that seeks to overturn anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ students and employees established under President Biden.

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After decades of near-silence from the CDC, the agency's director is speaking up about gun violence, calling it a "serious public health threat." Climate change is fueling hurricanes like Ida. Tens of thousands of people showed up to the Washington march to address voting rights and the filibuster.


In Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s scathing legal dissent, she decries the unconstitutionality of abortion "bounty hunters." The right is quietly welcoming back legislators who would have stolen the election for Trump or encouraged the violent Jan. 6 insurrection. Vaccine hesitancy is rooted in faith and party loyalty for White evangelical Protestants.

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Get inspiration for Rosh Hashanah cooking from 5 chefs around the world. Ed Asner, the proudly Jewish actor who won Emmys as Lou Grant and delighted in Pixar's 'Up,' dies at 91. Israeli swimmer Mark Malyar wins a second gold and sets another world record at the Tokyo Paralympics.

The Last Word

“In this country, it’s easier to register to own a gun than it is to register to vote.”

-13-year-old Yolanda Renee King, granddaughter of MLK Jr, at the March for Voting Rights on Saturday


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