November 22, 2019
This was an historic week on Capitol Hill. The hearings showed the best and the worst of our country. With dignity and respect for our democracy, House Intelligence Chair Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) lead the impeachment hearings. The Democrats refrained from partisan politics and sought to peel away at the many layers in the case.

Many of the witnesses that were called to testify are dedicated, extremely knowledgeable public servants. Every day these people, along with their colleagues, work to protect our country.

The Republicans chose to make a mockery of the proceedings. They aimed to discredit the witnesses. Their goal was to further politically divide Congress and our country.

The hearings were held in public, televised from start to finish. It was a showcase of democracy in action for the American people to witness, as well as the world. Imagine how this week would have played out in any other country in the world? Our democracy maybe stretched and tattered, but it is still holding up.

To protect our democracy, we have separation of powers, which is not absolute. Its system of checks and balances is designed to allow each branch of our government to restrain abuse by another.   Impeachment is regarded as a power to be used only in extreme cases. It must be considered apart from politics.

In 2018, Democratic candidates won 31 seats held by the GOP.  Impeachment is not politically popular in their districts. However, these candidates took an oath of office to uphold the Constitution. They  placed principle over politics and supported impeachment.

Reps. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI), Max Rose (D-NY), Sean Casten (D-IL), Elaine Luria (D-VA) Sharice Davids (D-KS) and Abby Finkenauer (D-IA) are just a few of JAC's candidates that won races in red districts. Their support for impeachment will make their races even more challenging.

They are standing up for us. Let's make sure we are there for them. Support them today . Donate now.

"The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country," said Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Let us remember that the power is in our hands. That power is our vote.


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JAC member June Rogul (l) delivered JACPAC support to Rep. Elaine Luria (VA-2).
JAC members delivered JACPAC support to Rep. Elissa Slotkin (MI-8).
(l to r: Linda Schottenstein Fisher, Elissa Slotkin, Linda Rae Sher)
Everything You Need to Know About Israeli Settlements and the Trump Administration's Announcement             
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced this week that the United States will no longer consider Israeli Jewish settlements in the West Bank to be illegal. Here's an explainer about what the settlements are, how they are viewed in Israel and around the world, and what this announcement might mean.
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1 in 4 Europeans Hold Anti-Semitic Beliefs, New Survey Finds

A new survey shows about one in four Europeans holding anti-Semitic beliefs, with such attitudes on the rise in Eastern and Central European countries.
The poll of 14 countries released by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) found that such views have held mostly steady in Western Europe.  In the Eastern and Central European countries surveyed, the stereotype of "Jewish power" in business and the idea that Jewish people are more loyal to Israel than to their own country are especially widespread, according to the findings, which added that many people in those countries also believe that Jews still talk too much about the Holocaust.  
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A New Anti-Abortion Bill Could Require Death Certificates for Fertilized Eggs  
Anti-choice lawmakers in Pennsylvania have taken recent attempts to implement fetal personhood legislation to a new extreme: A new bill moving through the state legislature would redefine fetal death to mean death at any point in pregnancy, starting at conception, and require health providers to cremate or bury all fetal remains unless the pregnant person chooses to handle disposal on their own. The bill is written in a way that it would require providers to obtain death certificates not just for miscarriages and abortions, but even for fertilized eggs that don't implant in the uterus. It would subject anyone who fails to do so to a $50 to $300 fine, or up to 30 days in prison.   
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Survey Shows Majority of Americans Want Religion out of Politics

New findings released by the Pew Research Center show that a majority of Americans want religion to stay out of politics and believe that it is wrong for churches to endorse political candidates. U.S. adults are resoundingly clear in their belief that religious institutions should stay out of politics. Nearly two-thirds of Americans in the new survey say churches an other houses of worship should keep out of political matters, while 36% say they should express their views on day-to-day social and political questions. 
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Gabby Giffords' Gun Safety Group Rips Trump Court Pick Lawrence Vandyke

Giffords Law Center, a gun safety group launched by former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.), is adding its name to the list of organizations urging the Senate Judiciary Committee to reject President Donald Trump's judicial nominee Lawrence VanDyke. Giffords' group claims his "dangerous positions on firearm policy and fealty to a gun-lobby agenda, alone, render him unfit to serve on the federal bench."
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Gender Equity Was at the Forefront of the Fifth Democratic Debate
In a marked contrast from several past debates, gender equity took center stage at Wednesday's Democratic debate, which featured wide-ranging discussion about paid family leave, abortion rights, and the higher standards that women candidates must meet. Previous debates have barely glanced over subjects including equal pay. This week's debate, only the third primary debate to ever feature an all-female panel of moderators, was different.
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How American Jews Adopted-and Adapted-Thanksgiving            
No sooner had it become a national holiday than America's Jews took to its growing repertoire of rituals with gusto. Thanksgiving was a day in which "all classes and masses participated and delivered the same Yankee Doodle with slight variations," observed one San Francisco Jew in 1884. Much like their neighbors, America's Jewish citizens prepared a sumptuous repast at home and saw to it that the underprivileged among them, especially those of their coreligionists in orphanages and old-age homes, were treated to a turkey with all the trimmings. They even went to shul - or, more precisely still, to temple.    
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Introducing JACII, a JAC group for young professionals, advocates, and those young at heart who are looking to get involved. Groups have started in Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
Events will feature elected officials and speakers in lively settings. JACII is by and for young people. Now is the perfect time to get involved.

Know someone who would be interested in joining or hosting a meeting? Let us know at We will be happy to help organize a JACII in your city.

The Last Word
"Dad, my sitting here today, in the U.S. Capitol, talking to our elected professionals, is proof that you made the right decision 40 years ago to leave the Soviet Union and come here to the United States of America in search of a better life for our family. Do not worry, I will be fine for telling the truth."
--  Lt. Col Alexander Vidman, the top Ukraine expert on the NSC

Cal Cunningham
Candidate for U.S. Senate from North Carolina
Monday, December 9
Details to follow

An Afternoon at the Theater with JACPAC
What the Constitution Means to Me
Sunday, January 26th
Brunch & Political Update: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Showtime: 1:00 - 2:30 pm
Los Angeles, CA

April 21-23, 2020
JAC's 2020 Annual Meeting
Celebrating 40 years of JAC
Washington, DC

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