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March 4, 2022

What's On Our Mind ...

The war in Ukraine continues and with each unfolding day the loss of lives increases. Millions are trying to flee their war-torn country. Thousands have been killed, and Putin presses on with his relentless attack on a sovereign nation. 

In a rare show of bipartisanship, Members of Congress displayed universal support for Ukraine during President Joe Biden’s State of the Union. This is the time for the U.S. to show the world we are together in our fight for democracy. It’s not a Democratic nor Republican issue — but an American issue.

Biden has shown the Ukrainians that they are not alone in their fight to defeat the tyrannical Putin. He has supplied them with military power to fight back — military power that Trump denied them. Trump was more interested in cozying up to Putin than supporting Ukraine's quest for freedom. Those days are over.

Biden has united our allies in an unprecedented demonstration of American global leadership. The world knows that when it comes to defeating tyranny and protecting democracy, the U.S. will be there with a plan. The President has assembled a group of experts from whom he is taking counsel. 

On Thursday JAC friend Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) introduced bipartisan legislation to authorize the administration to confiscate the property of Russian oligarchs for their involvement in the invasion and human rights violations. The asset sale funds will be used to benefit the Ukrainian people. This is personal to Malinowski, who fled Poland with his family as a 6-year old boy.

A rabbi in Odessa this week loaded 300 young, frightened Jewish orphans on to a bus and headed to the hills to escape the advancing Russians and the bombs. It was a scene that played out 80 years ago. Did the world learn anything from the horrors of WWII? What happened to "Never Again"?


The Jews in Ukraine are suffering terribly. Many are trying to leave. But for 10,000 elderly Holocaust survivors in Ukraine leaving is not a possibility. Nearly half receive home care and many of those are bed-bound. The war is triggering the trauma they suffered years ago, causing them further pain. The remaining Jews are facing water, food, and medical shortages. The situation will only get worse. HOW TO HELP THE JEWS IN UKRAINE


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Palestinian officials warn that the war in Ukraine will take away international attention from their cause. Israeli doctors are caring for Ukrainian refugees from thousands of miles away through Israeli virtual technologies. The Irish Parliament hosted an Arab-Israeli, its first pro-Israel speaker in at least 15 years.


House Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Paul Gosar (R-AZ) and State Sen. Wendy Rogers (R-AZ) spoke at a white nationalist conference. Putin's alleged goal to 'denazify' Ukraine is antisemitic and fascist. 24% of British adults think that 'Israel treats Palestinians like Nazis treated Jews'.

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With Roe v. Wade imperiled, Las Vegas could become the new destination for 'abortion tourism'. Doctors' worst fears about the Texas abortion law are coming true. A study shows that even pro-lifers—those who call abortion murder—are still willing to help loved ones who need an abortion.


Putin has a fan base in America’s right-leaning evangelicals. Biden renewed his call to pass the LGBTQ+ Equality Act. Conservative members of the Supreme Court are interested in expanding an exemption for religious employers from anti-discrimination laws.

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Read about several organizations you can support to help the Jews of Ukraine. Apple has halted sales of its products in Russia, the latest in a series of actions from tech companies. Republicans who glorified the Russian army did Putin’s bidding by enhancing the Russian dictator’s aura of power.


A UN report warns that climate change's deadly effects will be worse than scientists originally thought. Racism and sexism could define Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearings. American gun ownership has a new face — Black women.

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Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL), one of Congress’ most outspoken members on Jewish issues, is leaving politics to head American Jewish Committee. Black voters fear the detrimental changes to Georgia's voting laws. Hispanic women emerge as big winners in the Texas GOP primary.


A Jewish debate coach contributed to Ketanji Brown Jackson’s path to the Supreme Court nomination. Here are 18 things to know about Ukraine’s Jewish President Volodymyr Zelensky. As Purim approaches, hamantaschen are coming in new flavors.

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The Last Word

“... (Putin) thought he could divide us at home. He thought he could divide us in Europe as well. But Putin was wrong. We are ready and we are united.”

President Biden, State of the Union Address


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