January 2023

WMGNA Announcement

Recently vetted in the Newsweek Expert Forum... Brian P. Beck!!!

Newsweek is a professional organization of senior executives, speakers, authors, and academics who are passionate about sharing their expertise.

Check out Brian's 1st article !!!

Brian Beck Expert Forum Article

Knowing the Difference Between Tax Planning and Tax Preparation Can Impact Your Tax Bill

As you get ready to file your taxes for 2022 in the next few months, you may have already missed the tax planning "window" to save money on your 2022 taxes. I will discuss how incorporating tax planning into your life is very different than tax preparation, the act of filing your taxes, and how planning properly can potentially save you thousands of dollars in taxes each year.

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2022 Tax Season has officially begun !

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WMGNA Photos

Chris & Wife Heather in Tampa for

Bruins vs. Lighting Game

Beth & Daughter Tori Visiting Vanderbilt University

Woot!! Woot!!


Miracle League of CT

CEO Daniel J Friedman Advisory Board Member of The Miracle League of CT.

Miracle League's core mission is based on the principle that all children deserve a chance to play. Children with physical and or cognitive challenges can participate in recreation and sporting activities. Miracle League is a phenomenal organization that promotes social skills and a sense of community. This allows for children to cultivate new friendships, and experience the joy of playing in a safe judgement-free environment. Their work allows children to build their self-esteem and develop confidence within themselves to achieve their future ambitions. Consider Miracle League as every child’s well-being is important in obtaining a successful and happy future. 

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As we grow and evolve, we want to ensure that our subscribers continue receiving the same impeccable service and attention you are accustomed to. We call this “the WMGNA way.” So, if/when someone near or dear can benefit from a Tax-Out subscription and wants to chat to find out if we are a good fit, simply have them contact us!
It has truly been our pleasure to serve you! We look forward to continuing to do so. We take to heart the trust and confidence that you have placed in WMGNA. 
Talk Soon & Keep The Faith

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