ESD for another well known acronym
Think of the companies out there better known by their acronym than the name of the organization. There are precious few. One of them recently purchased nearly 4,000 square feet of our FreeStyle ESD for one of its New York locations where it manufactures semiconductors and chips for everything from smart phones, mobile devices, and very large computers that the company also makes.

Anyway, the unnamed company wanted to cover an existing floor that wasn’t testing anymore and couldn’t shutdown their operations. Our FreeStyle ESD was installed directly over the existing floor without any downtime. This saved huge amounts of downtime and lots of money, not to mention eliminating the need to move and recalibrate machinery, which could have led to unforeseen quality problems.  

Know who we are talking about yet? You really have to “think” to come up with the answer.

If you know an electronics manufacture who may not be known by its acronym but needs a flooring that minimizes static electricity with little to zero down time, please consider StaticStop. For more info, please review our digital binder below.
Cleanrooms and laboratories
As equipment in cleanrooms and laboratories continues to become more sophisticated, it is also becoming more sensitive to interference and damage from electrostatic discharge. In cleanrooms where control of particles in the air is critical, maintaining a static-free environment helps prevent particle collection by electrostatic attraction.

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