January 2024

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Outpatient Mental Health Center (OMHC) and Care Coordination for Children, Youth, and Adults


Empowering Minds Resource Center is proud to announce there is currently NO WAIT LIST at the agency. We work hard everyday to ensure referrals are quickly processed and clients are engaged by our staff and partnered therapists immediately. We are ready, willing and able to accept new clients TODAY.


Empowering Minds Resource Center has no waitlist for our CARE COORDINATION FOR MINORS and our PSYCHIATRIC REHABILITATION PROGRAM in Harford County

Make a referral today

The OMHC is accepting new referrals for Harford Co, Anne Arundel, Baltimore City, and Prince George's County. Make a referral today, no wait list.

In January we highlight the following:


Mental Wellness Month

National Mentoring Month 


No Name-Calling Week (Jan. 20-24)


Human Trafficking Awareness Day (Jan. 11)

Parental Mental Health Day ( Jan. 27)

Other Notable Days are:

  • January 1-31: Cervical Health Awareness Month
  • January 1-31: Glaucoma Awareness Month
  • January 1-31: International Quality of Life Month
  • January 1-31: National Birth Defects Awareness/Prevention Month
  • January 1-31: National Blood Donor Month
  • January 1-31: National Radon Action Month
  • January 1-31: National Winter Sports Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month
  • January 1-31: Thyroid Awareness Month
  • January 4: World Braille Day
  • January 11: Paget’s Awareness Day
  • January 28: World Leprosy Day
  • January 30: World Neglected Tropical Diseases Day

EMRC Tips January 2024

Empowering Minds is looking to add some new members to our wonderful team. Check out the link below for more information!


Licensed Mental Health Therapist- Full time

Empowering Minds Resource Center is seeking a licensed clinician to provide therapeutic services to children and families in the Baltimore, Anne Arundel and Harford County areas. This individual will be responsible for providing clinical assessment/diagnostic and follow-up individual and group therapy. He/she will develop and monitor treatment plans and client progress, document significant interactions, and maintain clinical charts and other reporting data. The candidate should have the ability to work with a diverse client population in a variety of treatment approaches.

Minimum Qualifications: 

Must possess active master level license (LMSW, LGPC, LCSW, LCSW-C, LCPC) in Maryland; and 1 year of comparable experience. Polished communication skills.

***$5000 sign on bonus w/2 year employment commitment***

Licensed Mental Health Therapist

Licensed Mental Health Therapist - Part Time

Baltimore, Glen Burnie and Edgewood locations (Telehealth is available)

Empowering Minds Resource Center is seeking a licensed clinician to provide therapeutic services to children and families in the Baltimore, Anne Arundel and Harford County areas. This individual will be responsible for providing clinical assessment/diagnostic and follow-up individual and group therapy. He/she will develop and monitor treatment plans and client progress, document significant interactions, and maintain clinical charts and other reporting data. The candidate should have the ability to work with a diverse client population in a variety of treatment approaches.

Minimum Qualifications: Must possess active master level license (LMSW, LGPC, LCSW, LCSW-C, LCPC) in Maryland; and 1 year of comparable experience. Polished communication skills.

Case Manager - Baltimore, Harford and Prince Georges locations

 Job Summary:

· Provide targeted mental health case management for youth with serious emotional disturbances and co-occurring disorders

· Meet with enrolled and potential clients and their families to create a Plan of Care

· Conduct comprehensive assessments and other assessments as required by DHMH

· Coordinate and facilitate Family Team Meetings

· Provide management of the POCs

· Collect information during the application process and as identified in each POC

· Identify providers, supports, and resources for clients

· Coordinate meetings with client and family to (a) meet with providers to ensure goodness of fit for proposed services and products in compliance with the POC (b) meet with family peer-to- peer support, intensive in-home service, mobile crisis response service, and other providers appropriate to the POC

· Maintain client clinical documentation using EHR

· Provide on-call services as scheduled

· Promptly respond to client crises

· Provide case management for client open-access as scheduled.

· Facilitate groups

The Direct Service Coordinator (DSC) assists clients with mental illness in reaching a higher level of independence and integration within their community. The DSC is an advocate who support clients in accessing and coordinating benefits, services and community-based resources.

  • Monitor each client during in-person visits of 30-45 minutes for a minimum of three visits (for children & adolescents) and six visits (for adults) per month and document any changes in the client's emotional, psychological, or physical health
  • Document monthly all client contact, interaction, interventions and goal achievement, including dates, locations, and types of contact 
  • Work cooperatively with family and other involved professionals to coordinate services with other agencies and programs in the best interest of the client
  • Research and provide the client with community-based resources as needed to meet the client's needs and encourage progress toward personal goals
  • Facilitate client participation in weekly EMRC group meetings to encourage peer socialization and development of coping strategies/techniques

Community Outreach Coordinator

Empowering Minds Resource Center is seeking to extend resources to local facilities and is looking for an entry level Part Time Community Resource Coordinators to work within the community and residence facilities to promote EMRC services, engage potential new clients, obtain referrals, and complete client intake assessments.

Job Duties:

  • Coordinate community information sessions; promote EMRC services, including maintaining attendee lists and preparing materials.
  • Assist with the client referral process
  • Completes client intake assessment
  • Prepare and distribute correspondence via email, postal mailings, and direct person to person contact.
  • Other general outreach-based work as needed.

And a host of other positions
Visit our website for employment opportunities Employment

January is a mix of things to celebrate and be informed about.

In December we celebrate seasonal depression due to the holidays and human rights.

Mental Wellness Month

Every year, we promote mental health awareness by designating January as National Mental Wellness Month. Focusing attention on the importance of cultivating and maintaining mental wellness can provide fresh new ideas about how we can do that. Please continue reading if you are up for some great suggestions about how to improve your mental wellness.

Why is our mental health important?

The concept of wellness refers to the connection between the mind, body and spirit. It’s essential that we nurture each of those aspects — especially our mental wellness. Failing to care for our mental health can limit our ability to thrive, flourish and reach our personal potential.

Why is mental health so important? The mind has a powerful effect on both our physical health and our spiritual connectedness. When we experience anxiety, chronic stress, depression or substance use, it can impact all aspects of self. Mind-body research has clearly shown how our mental state influences our physical health. Thus, when we address our mental health and take steps to improve it, we simultaneously improve the other areas of functioning too.

6 ways to improve mental wellness

What exactly does the word “wellness” mean, anyway? According to the National Wellness Institute, these are the basic principles that define wellness:

  • Wellness is a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential.
  • Wellness is multidimensional and holistic, encompassing lifestyle, mental and spiritual aspects, and the environment.
  • Wellness is positive and affirming.

With this understanding of wellness, we can see that achieving mental wellness requires us to review our habits, choices and mental health needs to make some positive changes.

Consider these six ways to improve your mental wellness:

  1. Cultivate a positive mindset: Positivity is key to achieving mental wellness. To do this, consider limiting your media and news consumption and, instead, immerse yourself in movies and books that bring a smile to your face. Also, keep a gratitude journal to help you remember all you have to be thankful for.
  2. Exercise to manage stress: Stress is a significant source of mental distress. Thankfully, one of the most effective stress-busters is as simple as getting regular exercise. Physical exertion stimulates mood-boosting endorphins and stress-reducing neurotransmitters, so aim to get at least 20 minutes of exercise a day.
  3. Make self-care part of your routine: Too often, we are so wrapped up in caring for others or impressing our boss that we ignore our own mental wellness needs. Make an effort to schedule your self-care appointments into your regular routine, with self-care practices like yoga classes, meditation time or a monthly massage.
  4. Nurture your friendships: Human connection is a vital aspect of mental wellness because our relationships provide us with mutual support and love. Make your relationships a priority by finding time to visit friends and family — in person — on a regular basis.
  5. Look for ways to give back: Nothing feeds your soul like helping someone in need. When we volunteer our time to help others, the benefits are actually a two-way street. They benefit because you have provided a needed service or items, and you benefit from the joy you’ll feel in your heart knowing you made a difference.
  6. Seek mental health treatment if needed: Most importantly, if you find your mental health worsening, and none of these measures are effective in reducing symptoms, reach out to a mental health professional who can offer support and guidance.

Human Trafficking Awareness Day (Jan. 11)

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day is recognized each year on January 11. In recognition of this important day, and throughout the month of January, Blue Campaign hosts several special events and educational activities, the largest being #WearBlueDay on January 11.

On this day, Blue Campaign invites the public to take photos of themselves, friends, family, and colleagues wearing blue clothing and share them on social media with the hashtag #WearBlueDay. Anyone can participate, all you need is a piece of blue clothing! Navigate the items below to learn more and get inspired.

Play a role to help end trafficking #WearBlueDay and Campaign efforts throughout the year.

No Name-Calling Week (Jan. 20-24)

No Name-Calling Week is observed during the third week of January to educate students, teachers, and the public on the harms of name-calling. This year, it takes place from January 15 to 19. People have been called unpleasant names for their weight, height, intelligence, sexual orientation, and others things they have little or no control over. While some consider name-calling harmless fun, victims of such names generally feel insecure, ashamed, and bullied, to extents that cause them to lose their self-esteem, feel unwanted in their immediate environments, and suffer emotional distress. Name-calling inflicts psychological injuries on victims and forces some of them into seclusion or to consider suicide.


Community Resources:

Utilize this website for the following resources


Visit FoundinFaithMD.org/get-help/apply/

to apply to the Fresh Start Furniture Program TODAY!

If you do not have computer access, please call 443-519-2464 ext. 2


If you need immediate help finding shelter or a place to eat, call 211.


Baltimore- Our Daily Bread Employment Center

725 Fallsway, Baltimore City


PG CO- Bethel House 301-372-1700 & Salvation Army of Prince George’s County Food Pantry 301-277-6103

AA CO- Anne Arundel County Food Access WARM Line 410- 222- 3663 &

Anne Arundel County Food Bank

120 Marbury Drive Crownsville, MD 21032

Harford CO- Breathe 379, 2124 Nuttal Ave. Edgewood. Groceries, prepared food, clothes.

& EPICENTER, EPICENTER at Edgewood, 1918 Pulaski Hwy, Edgewood. 443.981.3742.

Mental Health Assistance

National Alliance for Mental Illness

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline  

Call 24/7: 1-800-273-8255

Baltimore Crisis Response, Inc.

Call 24/7: 410-433-5175 if you or someone you know needs help with a mental health crisis

Legal Services

Homeless Persons Representation Project (HPRP)

201 N. Charles St., Suite 1104, Baltimore City

410-685-6589 / 800-773-4340

Provides free legal aid to those experiencing or at risk of homelessness

Maryland Legal Aid

500 E. Lexington St., Baltimore City


Provides a full range of free civil legal services to financially eligible individuals, with a focus on legal issues concerning elder rights, employment, family, public benefits, health care and housing

Reentry Services

Assists prisoners, ex-prisoners and others in need become independent, responsible citizens through civil legal assistance and re-entry services

Baltimore- Alternative Directions

2505 N. Charles St., Baltimore City


PG CO- People Ready 5814 Baltimore Ave.

Hyattsville, Maryland 20781 (301)277-2172

AA CO- AmeriCorps (800) 942-2677


Beans and Bread

402 South Bond St., Baltimore City


ID cards and birth certificates available on the first business day of the month to the first 5 to 10 people who arrive

Manna House

435 East 25th St., Baltimore


Provides assistance with birth certificate and ID cards applications

Employment Assistance


Downtown One Stop Career Center

1100 North Eutaw St., Room 101, Baltimore City


Eastside One-Stop Career Center

3001 East Madison St., Baltimore City


Provides assistance with job search strategies, employment referrals and placement and other workforce services; offers access to copiers, faxes and phones

Northwest American Job Center (Re-entry Center)

Mondawmin Mall, Suite 302

2401 Liberty Heights Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21215

Telephone: 410-396-7873


Manna House

435 E. 25th St., Baltimore City


Franciscan Center

101 W. 23rd St., Baltimore City



2828 Loch Raven Rd., Baltimore City


Provides clothing, communication, laundry, food, recreation and showers

** For any other region specific info email socialmedia@emrcgroup.org **

Empowering Minds has partnered with the Salvation Army, location to provide hot meals in Baltimore City to the homeless. We recognize a need to provide support services and meet the needs of our struggling community. As the weather changes we are asking for donations to purchase socks and blankets. We appreciate all donation. https://www.emrcgroup.org/make-a-donation/


EMRC In-person Groups

Call your local EMRC office for more info!

(EMRC Clients ONLY, Accepting Referrals)

Be Safe is an app that enables people at risk of overdose to anonymously connect with remote support. This could be a useful tool to help people who use drugs reduce the risk of overdose when they are using alone.
The organization, Brave, that developed the app are based in Vancouver. However, supports are available in the United States. To join the Maryland Public Community in the app, use the join code “Maryland”. 

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