Issue 11 | June 2021
Study News & Updates
EMBRACE aims to contribute substantial evidence to the link between models of enhanced prenatal care, preterm birth rates, maternal mental health outcomes, and experiences of care.
Participant Recruitment
Recruitment Update
Prior to pausing recruitment in March 2020, we had 101 participants enrolled in EMBRACE.
Recruitment was paused between March and October 2020. The recruitment team has recruited 127 participants since resuming through a combination of in-person and virtual recruitment methods.
We currently have 228 participants enrolled in EMBRACE!
Participant Demographics
As we know, preterm birth disproportionately affects women of color, with Black women facing the largest burden. In order to ensure adequate participant representation, the EMBRACE team is prioritizing
the recruitment of Black women. We have a goal to have at least 10% of our participant population identify as Black; currently, 7% of participants identify only as African American or Black, and 10.6% identify as Black when including multi-racial participants.
Provider Recruitment
Provider recruitment is ongoing; we are actively in conversations to onboard and begin recruitment with additional providers, including a local Federally Qualified Health Center. We continue in our efforts to recruit providers who see the largest share of African American and Black patients.
We are incredibly thankful for the following clinical partners who are currently participating:
Family HealthCare Network Fresno ACC
Sylvia Sanchez, PA
Saint Agnes Obstetrics & Gynecology
Oscar Young, DO
Marci Dabbs, MD
Community Engagement
Study Advisory Group
The next Study Advisory Group meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 26, at 9:30 am via Zoom.

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General Information
The Central Valley Health Policy Institute is hiring for EMBRACE! Please share widely.
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