May brings us to the end of an unusually challenging school year and ushers in more positive developments at EEF!  While teachers and students are wrapping up this school year, EEF’s hygiene pantry is being relocated to Palo Verde High School’s Family Resource Center (FRC). This move is a big win for all involved! TUSD students and families will now have access to hygiene products alongside food, clothing, and other basic needs through the four FRC’s located throughout the District. The FRC’s are open Monday through Friday all year long. An additional benefit of having the pantry at Palo Verde is the opportunity for high school students to volunteer with product sorting, stocking, and bagging. And for EEF, we will save over $14,000 a year on space rent! My gratitude goes to the EEF Board for their support and FRC staff members, Lisa Gonzales and Alma Iniguez, for their collaboration and willingness to take this on. The biggest recognition and appreciation goes to EEF’s program manager, Drisana Martinez, for her dedication over the last two years keeping the pantry stocked, organized and running smoothly. Drisana will miss “her baby”, but is very happy TUSD families will be able to readily access hygiene products.
EEF is actively planning for the next school year with the expectation students will be back in classrooms. We anticipate there will be extensive need as families continue to recover from the effects of the pandemic. We realized EEF’s Back To School appeal will entail many facets of support; including, uniforms, backpacks, and classroom supplies. This year, we decided to combine these efforts into one big Back To School Bonanza campaign which will occur during the entire month of June into August. EEF is currently seeking businesses and individuals interesting in leading this campaign through principal sponsorships. Our goal is to ensure every TUSD student has everything they need to start the 2021-22 school year with confidence and the tools to succeed. If you know of a business or individual who would like to make a leading contribution to this campaign, please contact me.
I’m counting on our EEF family of supporters (you!) to build on our successes this year. Please continue sharing and advocating for EEF within your circle of influence. 
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela

Dawn Bell
Executive Director

EEF's Hygiene Pantry has a new home and a new look! TUSD students and their families will benefit by having easy access to four Family Resource Centers within the district which are open year-round, Monday through Friday for immediate product access and one-stop shopping!
EEF has received 134 classroom grants from teachers requesting over $110,000 in support. These curriculum-based projects are supported through corporate contributions from organizations like TEP, Raytheon, and GEICO. We thank them for their continued support of our teachers (which ultimately benefits the students).
EEF provided supplies to the Family Resource Centers (FRC's) for their backpack, school supplies, and facemask give away which was held March 22 - March 23rd. Over 1,000 TUSD students benefited from the drive!
Meet Cathy. Cathy is one of EEF’s rock star volunteers. We recently sat down with Cathy for an interview about why she chooses to share her valuable time and talents with EEF, here is what she had to say…

Why EEF?
In 2019 I was at a crossroads with my career and what direction I wanted to go. I was having little luck finding a job - but not just any job. I was determined to find something that made me feel that I was giving back and contributing to making our community a better place. I have always been a strong proponent of the importance of education and working at giving all kids the opportunity to get the most out of their education and the capability to move on to college.
Needing to figure out what I was going to do, I looked into AmeriCorps and applied. I chose the EEF project and a free tax assistance project. Although taxes are important, the tax project didn't seem nearly as interesting as the EEF hygiene pantry project. I loved the fact that there was an acknowledgment about having the means to purchase basic hygiene supplies was very difficult for some families. No student wants to go to school with dirty hair, body odor, dirty clothes, etc. Students that feel ok about themselves without being self-conscious about hygiene will be more eager and receptive to learning.

Hygiene supplies are always appreciated and needed to keep our shelves fully stocked. Donations can be dropped off at any TUSD Family Resource Center or contact EEF's Program Manager Drisana by email at  

  • new wrapped toothbrushes
  • new unopened tubes of toothpaste
  • new bottles of hair conditioner
  • new bottles of shampoo
  • new soap and body wash
  • Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3rd - May 7th show how much you care and Thank a Teacher!
  • Share EEF's good news and successes with friends!
  • Perform at least one random act of kindness

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