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October 26, 2017
Tim Keller for Mayor
We endorse Tim Keller to be the next Mayor of Albuquerque in the November 14th run-off election.  Here are the reasons for our endorsement:
     1.  Education - Tim is an Albuquerque native, educated at St. Pius X High School, the University of Notre Dame, and Harvard Business School.
     2.  Experience - Tim has experience in private enterprise, as a State Senator representing the International District of Albuquerque, and as the elected New Mexico State Auditor.  His record is exemplary.
     3.  Ethos - Tim is the only one of the 8 candidates to qualify for public financing of his campaign.  His published "ABQ Works" are ideas we believe will make Albuquerque a better place to live and work for ALL of us.  You can read the full plan here.
     4.  Endorsements - in addition to many others, Tim was endorsed by the Police and Firefighters Unions, showing he is the best candidate for improvements to public safety.
     Early voting has begun.  Information on voting and polling places may be found here.  Please vote, and please vote for Tim Keller!
     We look forward to Tim's strong leadership as we try to move Albuquerque from last to first in economic development and quality of life. 
Volunteer for Tim Keller for Mayor
On Saturday, November 4th at 2:00 PM, we will walk the EDo and Huning Highland neighborhood canvassing for Tim Keller.  We will meet in the courtyard of The Lofts at Albuquerque High, adjacent to the circle at Central & Arno.  We will work in groups of two, and estimate the work will take about 45 minutes.  Please join us in going Block by Block for Tim!
     If you can't make that day, please contact Tim's great campaign staff and join the Keller Team in other ways. Thank you. 
Support EDo Businesses
What's good for you, and good for the local Albuquerque economy? Supporting local businesses, as opposed to national chains and Amazon. We've got some great ones in EDo, so please keep your dollars working here in our own community!  
     Please support ABQ Aikikai, Artichoke Cafe, Bhava Yoga, Craft Salon, Crystal Dove, Crush Salon, Downtown Historic B & B, Exhibit 208, Funky Olive, The Grove Cafe, Hartford Square, Holy Cow, Hot Yoga, Hotel Parq Central, Lovishly Jewelry, Mark Pardo Salon, Matt Blasing Photography, Nusenda Credit Union, Octopus and the Fox, Pizzeria Farina, Qbriks Daily General, Rebel Workhout, Revelry Salon, Shannon Loves Flowers, Route 66 Cleaners, Standard Diner, Sunny's Alterations, Two Time Couture, Urban Fresh, Waves Salon, Whole Hog Cafe. They will appreciate your business, and you will be glad you did.
Walkable Places Should Not Be A Luxury
Congress for the New Urbanism defines a complete neighborhood as a walkable area of limited size, on a network of smaller connected streets, with a variety of housing types (rent and own), numerous workplaces, adequate shopping, quality transit service, and most of the facilities for worship, learning, entertainment, and recreation.  
     Unfortunately, in Albuquerque and almost all cities in the U.S., building walkable, complete neighborhoods is illegal under current zoning. What is legal is "drive only" subdivisions, office and industrial parks, shopping centers, and large institutions on large parking lots - like schools, churches, and others. This severely penalizes all of us, but especially the young, the elderly, and the working poor.  
     We are pleased to report that Albuquerque is doing something about this, with the Complete Streets Ordinance passed a few years ago, and the Integrated Development Ordinance now under consideration.  These two laws will make walkable neighborhoods both legal and practical, and their implementation will make our City stronger - socially, environmentally, and economically. We thank City Councilor Isaac Benton for his leadership in both these initiatives.  
More ...
An Idea We Like - Tactical Urbanism
Making positive changes to one's neighborhood often brings one face to face with a permitting process that says "no" first, and usually second, third, and always.  Fayetteville, Arkansas is taking a different approach by adopting a Tactical Urbanism Guide that encourages experimentation with small projects that improve quality of life, and may ultimately lead to more permanent infrastructure.
    Read more and see the guide here