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February 23, 2018
EDo is Open for Business!
Construction is complete on Central Avenue, and there is plenty of parking available to enjoy all our great local businesses - Artichoke Cafe, Funky Olive Design, The Grove Cafe, Hotel Parq Central (and Apothecary Lounge), Mark Pardo Salon, The Octopus and the Fox, Pizzeria Farina, Rebel Workout, Route 66 Cleaners, Shannon Loves Flowers, Siarza Social Digital, Standard Diner, Two Time Couture, Waves Salon, and others.  
    You will find little traffic getting here, and Central Avenue is practically brand new!  Did we mention plenty of parking?
Lessons from Greenville, SC
Long-time Mayor Knox White addressed a recent luncheon at Hotel Andaluz by the New Mexico chapter of Urban Land Institute, the world's leading research and education organization for real estate professionals.  Downtown Greenville is nationally recognized for its vitality and inclusiveness. Mayor White's presentation showed clearly that success was the product of specific public policy decisions over the past 25 years. Using city-owned properties as a catalyst, many of which the City did not know they owned, Greenville's private sector partnered with the City to build a walkable, diverse, mixed-income, mixed-use Downtown, driven principally by new residents.  
     His book "Reimagining Greenville" is an excellent read. We can achieve these same results in Albuquerque, but it will require some reimagining of our own. It was great to see Mayor Tim Keller at the luncheon.
Daylight Savings Time:  What's It Good For?
The efficacy of daylight savings time is being questioned in a number of countries (and US cities and states), as described in this New York Times article.
     We believe eliminating daylight savings time in Albuquerque (which now runs 8 months out of 12) would have the following advantages for all of us:

1.  In a hot summer desert environment, keeping a cool, morning daylight hour makes more sense that moving that hour to the hottest part of the day.  This is why Phoenix abandoned DST.

2.  For those 8 months a year where Albuquerque was not on DST, we would be in the same time zone as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle (and Phoenix).  We see many advantages to identifying ourselves with the West Coast in today's global economy.

3.  No more physiological and psychological adjustments required twice a year - adjustments shown to reduce productivity and increase accidents of all kinds!
Public-Private Partnerships Shouldn't Be Handouts
One of our favorite organizations is Strong Towns, headed by Charles Marohn, a civil engineer by training.  He is unwavering in his insistence that all public investments should be subject to objective cost-benefit analysis outside of political influence. We agree.
     Here are his  4 qualities of a successful PPP, all of which should be applied to any such partnership undertaken by our City government. We believe that the efforts of Greenville SC, outlined above, have followed this successful PPP approach, as did The Lofts at Albuquerque High project.