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September 20, 2017
Tim Keller for Mayor
We endorse Tim Keller to be the next Mayor of Albuquerque in the October 3rd election. Here are the reasons for our endorsement:
1.  Education - Tim is an Albuquerque native, educated at St. Pius X High School, the University of Notre Dame, and Harvard Business School.
2.  Experience - Tim has experience in private enterprise, as a State Senator representing the International District of Albuquerque, and as the elected New Mexico State Auditor. His record is exemplary.
3.  Ethos - Tim is the only one of the 8 candidates to qualify for public financing of his campaign. His published "ABQ Works" are ideas we believe will make Albuquerque a better place to live and work for ALL of us.  Read the full plan. 
     Early voting has begun.  Information on voting and polling places.  
     We do not believe in voting for candidates who support continued suburban sprawl (after 70 years of it) as the economic development model for our City. This especially when their campaigns are financed by private contributions from those who have profited from sprawl while our City has gotten poorer. The Santolina development is the latest example of privatizing gains while socializing losses.
     We have appreciated the energy and ideas coming from Susan Wheeler-Deichsel and Gus Pedrotty in their campaigns, and we thank them for that.  
     We look forward to Tim's strong leadership as we try to move Albuquerque from last to first in economic development and quality of life. 
EDo Annual Meeting & Party
A festive and sizable crowd enjoyed a lovely late Summer evening in the courtyard of The Lofts at Albuquerque High on Thursday, September 14th. While enjoying delicious food from local restaurants Artichoke Cafe, Grove Cafe, Pizzeria Farina, Standard Diner, and 2G's Bistro, and sipping refreshments provided by The Lofts and BelVedere, guests heard a summary of the last year's great strides in our neighborhood by Board President Jim Maddox. With ART nearing completion, the Lobo Rainforest Building open for business, and both new and old businesses having success (or at least holding on!) through all the construction, there is much to celebrate about EDo. There were occasional sprinkles, but no one left! Seventeen residents and business owners were elected to serve two year terms. They are listed on this newsletter. Thank you for supporting EDo!
10 Cities Taking a Nature-Driven Approach to Innovation
Without the free ecosystem services Mother Nature provides all of us, there is no life, much less quality of life. Yet, our global economy is currently based upon the degradation of our air, soil, and water, without compensation of any kind to those being harmed by this right to freely pollute. It's common sense that without a system of business and commerce that works completely in harmony with nature, things are headed from bad to worse for our common home. Here are some "green shoots" of a different approach. We know the Keller Administration will be interested in moving Albuquerque into the Top 10 in this regard.
More Honors For EDo's Grove Cafe & Market
The Grove Cafe & Market has received a 5 link rating on the Good Food 100 Restaurants™ List. A list comprised of some of the most distinguished and accomplished restaurants in our country, this organization's mission is to honor and highlight restaurants doing the hard work of transparent food purchasing while making a positive impact on the environment.
     Owners Lauren & Jason Greene put it best:  "Good food is about more than just taste. Truly good food is good for every link in the food chain. As sustainability and transparency remain at the center of the industry and mainstream cultural conversation, the time is ripe to measure, recognize and celebrate (annual list and ongoing programs) the chefs and restaurants who are making a positive impact."
     Good Food 100 list and ratings are based on percentage of total food purchases ($) spent to support local/state, regional and national Good Food producers and purveyors vs. same category restaurants in the same region.