August 2019
August 2019 Interest Rates
25 Year Rates

3.63% - Standard
3.66% Refinance
20 Year Rates

3.53% - Standard
3.57% - Refinance
10 Year Rates

3.94% - Standard
3.98% Refinance

10 year debentures are funded every other month; therefore, the July 2019 10 year rates are quoted above.
Monthly 504 Loan Example!

Real Estate, Construction, and Equipment

All rolled into One 504 Loan Project and
Still Qualifies for a 25 Year Term!

Below is a great example of rolling the cost of land, construction costs, and equipment into one 504 loan project to take advantage of the 504 loan program. In the example below, if the business would have been approved in FY 2019 and funded in the month of August 2019, they would have locked in an interest rate of 3.63% for 25 years. See the example details below:


A local franchiser of a national fitness chain purchased vacant land over two years ago and is going to construct a new fitness center and office space for his local headquarters. The borrower chose to use a combination of real estate equity and cash to contribute 15% of the total project cost and take advantage of the 25 year debenture. The entire building will be occupied by the operating company.

  • The borrower qualifies for 10% down payment but chose to contribute 15%. As a result, the bank portion is not required to be at 50% but cannot be lower than the SBA percentage. The SBA portion remains at 40% to maximize the amount of fixed rate financing. The bank portion decreases to 45%.
  • Land was purchased more than two years ago, which requires an appraisal with an "as is" market value of $400,000.
  • The borrower qualifies for a 10, 20, or 25 year debenture based on the weighted ratio of real estate dollars to equipment dollars. In this case, they chose a 25 year debenture.
  • The bank term must be 10 years (can reprice anytime). Amortization does not need to match the SBA term of 25 years.
  • The borrower meets the occupancy eligibility, which requires the operating company to occupy at least 60% of the total square footage with the intent to occupy 80% within the next 10 years.

Advantage to borrower:

  • Low down payment.
  • Borrower was able to use existing real estate equity for the down payment and preserve cash. 25 year fixed rate on 40% of the project.
  • Lower monthly payment vs. conventional financing.
  • SBA typically takes only project assets as collateral vs. taking all assets.
  • Borrower was able to maximize term by combining short term and long term assets into one 25 year debenture. Resulting in lower monthly payments and improved cash flow.
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