In September 2020, when the economy was still hobbled by the pandemic, the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN), was prepared for the organization to experience a down year.

Twelve months later, EDAWN has shown success in attracting fast-growing companies with high-paying jobs to Northern Nevada despite pandemic-related challenges.
EDAWN reported the companies it brought to greater Reno-Sparks for the year account for 2,567 primary jobs, surpassing its goal of 2,500.

The average annual wage of the wave of new jobs being created in the region is nearly $64,000, slightly below a goal of $65,000.
The majority of the companies EDAWN landed last fiscal year — and those in the pipeline moving forward — are in advanced manufacturing and technology. Not only do those sectors bring higher-paying jobs to greater Reno-Sparks, they add jobs to the region that are sustainable.

A byproduct of the pandemic is many U.S. manufacturing companies with operations overseas are looking to re-shore back to America after the pandemic caused crimps in supply chains. Northern Nevada, is primed for an influx of manufacturers.
EDAWN has 10 companies that have recently committed to relocating to the region, led by six manufacturing firms, one of which is also moving its headquarters here.

In all, the 10 firms account for nearly 1,500 new jobs. Those companies will be announced within the next three months.

EDAWN is also working with seven more manufacturing companies and one distribution firm that are finalists for relocation. If they all committed, they would inject nearly 6,000 new jobs to the region.
Advanced manufacturing has been a great fit for Reno-Sparks.

It’s a great industry where somebody who may want to up-skill or someone coming out of a community college that may not want to go get a four-year degree can get a chance to work in an advanced manufacturing facility and make $70,000 to $80,000 a year, with full benefits.

EDAWN has also put a lot of emphasis on “entrepreneurial growth” in the region. In 2020, the organization attracted 30 new startups, accounting for 139 new jobs, and “90% of the companies are in technology - biotech, nanotech, fintech and blockchain for example.