Friday, February 3, 2023

ECE Research Study

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Topic: Impacts of Transitional Kindergarten Policy in California

Seeking Preschool & TK teachers, preschool directors, family child care owners, and parents of children 3-5 years old

Leah Catching is a doctoral candidate at San Francisco State University looking for interview participants for her dissertation research. She has been greatly involved with ECESF's educator advocacy over the years and is conducting her dissertation research on the impacts of transitional kindergarten policy in California.

Her questions relate to the impact of transitional kindergarten on the workforce, the quality of TK classrooms, and family needs. Her official recruitment letter includes more information. 

We invite you to reach out to her directly to ask further questions, step up an interview, or share her letter with current ECE teachers, directors, or parents. Email Leah Catching at

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Updates from the Department of Early Childhood (DEC)

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Title 5 Contractors Meeting

Thursday February 9

3:00pm – 4:30pm


This month’s meeting will include an Early Educator Salary Support Grant FY23-24 budget update.

Visit the ECESF calendar event for more meeting information.

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“Help Desk” Satisfaction Survey

Message from DEC:

"Without question, your voice as a user of our support and services is important. Your opinions and feedback inform decisions at DEC and allow us to become better equipped to meet your specific and immediate needs.


With this in mind, we are seeking your opinions and information about satisfaction levels with the “Help Desk’ function that is contracted at Children’s Council of San Francisco. This “Help Desk” satisfaction survey is intended to help us to better understand your needs and utilize your input to improve our services' sustainability and growth."

Please respond to this short survey no later than February 10, 2023.

ELS Operating Guidelines Policy Update

ATTENTION: Early Learning San Francisco (ELS) Participating Programs 

Message from DEC:

"To ensure ALL families and children in San Francisco receive equal access to Early Care and Education (ECE) services, regardless of payment source, the Department of Early Childhood (DEC) has made important changes to current policy strengthening children’s equal access to quality ECE services." 


DEC shared updates to the Program Operating Guidelines to provide transparency regarding minimum hours of service to families enrolled at a DEC-funded site and established a monthly reimbursement for early care and education programming categorized by full-time, part-time, age groups, and program types.  

The full policy update memo is available on the DEC website here.


Questions? Need help?


Children's Council Help Desk


 Wu Yee Children's Services

Corine Warren, Family Services Supervisor


DEC's 2023-2027 Strategic Plan

Now available for viewing and download on the DEC website.


"The 2023-2027 Strategic Plan helps us catalyze bold action by defining our vision, mission, and values, setting clear goals and strategies, and establishing a Theory of Change and shared foundation for action." - DEC

Are you an Early Care Educator in San Francisco?

¿Es usted un educador de cuidado infantil en San Francisco?


ECESF is a grassroots organization bringing San Francisco early care educators together across diverse ECE community and public sites. We are peers supporting each other, making sure we all know what's happening, and ensuring that new programs implemented to help us and the important work we do really do make a difference. If you are passionate about child care and education and know that a well-paid, stable workforce and great working conditions are essential to deliver great services, you won’t want to miss out on the discussions happening in our ECESF community including:

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  • Special events & community discussions

If you or an educator you know is ready to get involved, fill out our ECESF Interest Form below and we'll make sure you get connected!

ECESF es una organización de base que reúne a los educadores de atención temprana de San Francisco en diversos sitios públicos y comunitarios de ECE. Somos compañeros apoyándonos unos a otros, asegurándonos de que todos sepamos lo que está pasando y garantizando que los nuevos programas

que se implementan para ayudarnos y el importante trabajo que hacemos realmente marquen la diferencia. Si le apasiona la

atención y educación infantil y sabe que una fuerza laboral estable y bien pagada junto

con excelentes condiciones de trabajo son esenciales para brindar excelentes servicios, no querrá perderse las conversaciones que

tienen lugar en nuestra comunidad ECESF, que incluyen:

  • Grupos de enfoque de educadores
  • Reuniones de liderazgo central
  • Reuniones de defensa de los docentes
  • Eventos especiales y debates comunitarios

Si usted o un educador que conoce están listos para involucrarse, complete nuestro Formulario de interés de ECESF a continuación y nos aseguraremos de entrar en contacto.

ECESF 是一個草根組織,聚集了來自不同ECE 社區和公共場所的早期護理教育工作者。我們是相互支援的伴,我們確信我們都知道當下正在發生的事情,並確保實施的新計劃可以幫助我們以及我們所做的重要工作確能有所作為。如果您對兒童護理和教育充滿情,並且知道高薪、穩定的勞動力和良好的工作條件對於提供優質服務至關重要,那麼您一定不想錯過我們 ECESF 社區正在進行的討論,包括:

● 教育工作者焦點小組

● 核心領導會議

● 教師宣傳會議

● 特別活動和社群討論

如果您或您認識的教育工作者準備參加,請填寫下面的ECESF 興趣表,我們一定會聯繫您!

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