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May 22, 2024

1st Week of Pentecost 2024

2024 eNews Schedule
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240th ECCT Annual Convention Registration Opens

June 1, 2024

Finance 2025 Budget Listening Sessions

June 11-18, 2024

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More information on Camp Washington Day, June 2

Save the date and join us on June 2, 2024, for the first Annual Camp Washington Day where parishes from all over ECCT can come together in celebration of the incredible resource Camp Washington is as our diocesan Camp and Retreat Center! From prayer and sermon points to recipes and games to play during Coffee Hour. Join us June 2, 2024 and spread the word about Camp Washington.

Help spread the word about Camp Washington Day in your local parish and town by exploring & sharing fun liturgies, summer recipes, and exciting camp content below:

Camp Washington Day

Hi God...You Want Us to do what? Building the Haven Community

Written by Marta S. Rivera Monclova, M.Div., Ph.D.

What do you do when God calls you to something that doesn't exist yet? Build it! Well, easier said than done. None of Haven's members set out to found something new, but each of us—Marta (an English Ph.D., candidate for Holy Orders, and expert in grief), Gregory (an ex-computer programmer and jaded cradle Episcopalian), and Sean (a composer, artist, and former monk) - has been drawn into a life of dedicated service to God in community.

As we each spent time in established religious orders, we found that the particular pattern of life we sought didn't exist in the Church yet. By grace, we also found one another and discovered that what we could not do alone, we could do together. So we have embraced the joyous risk of sharing conversion of life together in love and trust. This conversion has led us in surprising directions and uncovered unexpected gifts. As we each grow into our individual call from God, the community grows stronger; and the strength of the community supports each member in our healing, growth, and ministry.

Our vision is to empower one another "to seek Christ with our whole selves and to serve our neighbors with all our gifts."

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  • Summer Hours at The Commons
  • Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, The Commons will close on Fridays at noon. During this time, The Commons staff are given the opportunity to shift hours to accommodate working a half-day on Fridays. In the event you may have a meeting scheduled at the Commons on a Friday afternoon, please confirm arrangements with the person you are meeting to ensure access. Thank you!

  • Summer Schedule: Summer hours for Zoom calls/meetings fluctuate. Please mark your calendars accordingly.
  • Wardens' Calls without Clergy
  • stops May 22
  • starts September 25
  • All Wardens' Calls
  • stops June 12
  • starts September 11
  • Wednesday Bishops' Calls
  • stops July 3
  • starts September 4

Free Resources for Mental Health Awareness Month

"May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Although we are not therapists, social workers, or licensed counselors, as pastors, chaplains, and lay leaders, we are often first responders—placed in the middle of people’s big life moments. So, how should we talk about mental health? How do we practice presence and create ministry that is inclusive of those who struggle and those who love those who do? Here are some resources that might help you dig deeper into these questions and offer you better language for those who are living with or affected by mental illness." -Kate Bowler, Ministry Happens


On Mental Health Awareness:

For Clergy:

For Anyone Who Works With Youth:

For Chaplains and Caretakers:

Join Province 1 Zoom Session Here!

Be sure to read this section thoroughly. Dates and information get updated.

Wardens' Call

Join Bishop Jeff and Bishop Laura for a time of community and conversation with a recurring call on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at 8:30AM - 9:30AM.

Important Dates:

  • Wardens w/o Clergy starts again on September 25.
  • June 12: All Wardens *Last Call. Starts again on September 11.

Zoom information: Same as the current Wednesday Bishops' Call Meetings

Lay Preaching Group

Join Bishop Laura every Tuesday

9AM-10AM online for a time of reflection and conversation as you prepare to preach on Sunday. 

Zoom information: 

Safe Church Training

The hybrid comprehensive training is being held at Christ Church Greenwich, on Saturday, June 1, from 10am-1pm.

Please reach out to Bernice Jackson for additional questions or difficulties with registration.

Register Here

Clergy Seeking Parish Call: If you are interested in any of our parishes or have questions about the transition process, please reach out to the Rev. Cn. Tim Hodapp, Diocesan Transition Minister. 

Click the button below to view the Transitions List:

Parishes Seeking Clergy

Camp Washington
  Christ Church Cathedral