APRIL 2022

As Earth Day approaches, Friday, April 22st, 2022, consider helping King County, be a small part in a world wide effort to plant 1 Trillion Trees in the coming decade. Locally that goal has been equated to, and outlined in King County's
"3 Million Trees by 2025 - Plant. Protect. Prepare." initiative.

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The 3 Million Trees project offers you the opportunity to join over 30 volunteer events to support our local forests, in terms of, planting trees, removing non indigenous plants, as well as cleaning up habitat around streams. Or, providing habitat support for salmon streams

What do salmon streams have to do with planting trees? Whether you know it or not, healthy salmon runs are vital to PNW forests. Many of its inhabitants from birds of prey, to large and small mammals will eat salmon and spread their nutrients throughout the forest during their life cycle. Hence the term, "Salmon Forest."
The inspiration for King Counties 3 Million Tree Project is inspired by the Plant for the Planet program who's goal is to plant 1 Trillion Trees. The Center for International Forestry Research or "CIFOR" is the leading advisory and research organization behind these programs
I love Gaspar's!
I love Gaspar's! A large project went horrible with another contractor and I credit Gaspar's with helping us get back on track. Chelsea, Carly, and Leo are always so quick to respond and so professional even if I take a while to get back to them. Trent and another handyman came over for a project and did great work. It's so refreshing to know there is a hardworking, nice, transparent construction company out there!
- Alex Wojcik
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