September 13, 2019
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Sunday Worship Schedule 

Our Sunday worship schedule:
     8:15 am - Holy Eucharist
     9:30 am - Christian Formation for All Ages
   10:45 am - Holy Eucharist
     5:00 pm - Santa Eucaristía

Adult Christian Formation
  Sunday, September 15th at 9:30 in Room M-110

Our Seminarian, Colin Brown, 
will continue this two part discussion of
"Difficult Texts: Violence in the Bible"

A reminder:
you can click the link to St. Bede's Calendar in the column on the right any time you want to check for events in the parish. 

 Adult Christian Formation

All classes meet at 9:30 am in room M-110 unless otherwise noted.

9/15 : Our Seminarian, Colin Brown, will discuss conflict and violence in the Old Testament.
9/22, 29 & 10/6: We are excited to host Dr. Kyle Lambelet, currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at Emory University's Candler School of Theology who specializes in teaching on religion and the ethics of nonviolence, organizing and social change. He recently completed his Ph.D. at the University of Notre Dame in the joint program of the Department of Theology and Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies. Dr. Lambelet will be leading us in the below discussion:
Conflict as Communion
Conflict is a dirty word. In our homes, in our church, and in our society we often associate conflict with sin, brokenness, and failure. What does conflict have to do with communion? In this three-week adult education series Dr. Kyle Lambelet, a faculty member at Emory's Candler School of Theology, will explore how we understand conflict theologically: not merely as sin or evidence of our finitude, but as the foundation of communion. Beginning with a Trinitarian account of unity in difference, what theologians call perichoresis, we will explore the goodness of conflict theologically and scripturally as well as build skills for engaging conflict in healthy ways.


St. Bede's Shopping Bags 
for sale on Sunday

The Invite Welcome Connect Committee now has flat-bottom grocery bags to sell! We are selling them $3.00 per bag. Show off your pride in St. Bede's - take them everywhere you go.

Name Tag Reorganization

The two name tag spinners in the Commons have been reorganized to be alphabetical across the two fixtures. Please look to the tabs at the top of the spinners to find your nametape alphabetically. 

A special thanks to Toni Graney for her weekly work of organizing the name tags and her work in getting the two spinners reset so that the name tags can be more evenly distributed across the panels.

St Bede's Food Festival - September 28, 11am-2pm

Parishioners of St. Bede's will be serving all kinds of food from America and Latino countries: hot dogs, hamburgers, tacos, burros, tamales, tostadas, cakes and more. Please stop by to lunch with us or buy and take it home with you. Friends, neighbors, and all are welcome. Funds will support our Parish ministries.

2020 St. Bede's Women's Retreat

Interested in being involved in the planning the 2020 Women's Retreat?  Come to a short meeting on Sunday Sept. 22 following the 10:45 worship service in Room M110

Please give today to our Hurricane Relief Fund and help our partners and dioceses reach vulnerable communities devastated by Hurricane Dorian and other ravaging storms. As we continue to assess ongoing needs in impacted areas, your urgent gift will enable us to respond now - and in the long run to aid in recovery.

Save The Date!


Interfaith Women's Book Group - 
    Saturday, September 21 at 10 am
Our next meeting will be Saturday, September 21 at 10 am. We will meet at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, 1800 Willow Trail Pkwy, Norcross, GA 30093. All women are welcome to discuss The Red Tent by AnitaDiamante. 

Mostly Mysteries Book Club ...

... goes to the Jimmy Carter library on Monday, September 23 at 7:00pm to hear Delia Owens talk about her bestselling book, Where the Crawdids Sing. Tickets are not available to be reserved, so the group will go early to insure good seats. Here is a link if you want to preview the event.  

In October, we will read the book Bruno, Chief of Police by Martin Walker.  The first installment in the delightful, internationallyacclaimed series featuring Chief of Police Bruno.   "[A] wonderfully crafted novel as satisfying as a French pastry but with none of the guilt or calories." 

Faith in Public Life meeting at St. Bede's on September 14 

Faith in Public Life Georgia invites you to gather with us and our crucial partners in the Sanctuary Coalition on September 14th to learn how you can put feet to your faith and stand in solidarity with our immigrant neighbors. We will talk through the most current messaging and map out specific ways you can play an active role in standing in compassionate solidarity with our immigrant and refugee communities.

Saturday, September 14th, from 5-7 p.m.
St Bede's Episcopal Church
2601 Henderson Mill Rd
Atlanta, GA 30345
Faith in Public Life and the New Sanctuary Movement of Atlanta

Here is a link for more information:

Welcome to St. Bede's Episcopal Church

Welcome! We're delighted to have you here. You are invited to visit our Commons Area for coffee and conversation after the 10:00 service. There you will find parish life materials to the right as you exit from the church.
Here are some other ways to get better acquainted with St. Bede's.
  • Visit stbedes.org and sign up for the church's weekly email and learn more about the active life of St. Bede's.   Also visit St. Bede's Facebook page, another way to check out the activities.
  • Fill out a visitor information form located on the Visitor's table located in the commons area. Let us know more about you so we can be in touch.
  • Contact the church office, 770-939-9797, to be placed on the mailing list or learn more about the life of St. Bede's.
The Invite Welcome Connect Committee has dinners for our newcomers with some of our "seasoned" parishioners. These dinners help you connect with the activities and life of St. Bede's. If you are a newcomer watch for an invitation to an "Invite Welcome Connect" dinner.

NET (Northlake/Embry Hills/Tucker) Food Pantry News

Thanks to your generous donations of jelly for the Food Pantry, our jelly cup run-eth over! We have run out of storage space at the Pantry so are temporarily suspending our collection of jelly.   We'll let you know when we need to start replenishing our stock. The Pantry is located in the Tucker Recreation Center and serves clients M-W-F 10:30-2:00.

Pledge Campaign
Thank you to all who have so generously responded by returning your a Chorus of Gratitude pledge card. If you haven't as yet returned your completed pledge card, we ask that you do so as soon as possible. Additional pledge cards are available in the Commons.

Sunday, September 15

Vestry of the Week
Anita Montelione, Julie Mizell

Cade Walden, Garrett Fraser, Kalen Fraser

Eucharistic Ministers & Lectors
8:15 am     - Larry Bing
10:45 am  - Junior Abraham, Clara Branch, Jim Handsfield, Suzanne Shapiro

8:15 am    -  Orisha Parsons
10:45 am  -  Will Mizell, Sam Lenaeus, Jimmy Tate, Issa Ackall

Altar Guild
Julie Mizell, Ron Aylor, Connie Aylor

Flower Guild
Connie Corralli, Claiborne Jones

Eve Doolittle, Helen Ackall

Bede Counters
Nancy Bruce, Nancy Ward, Nancy Waring

Bread Guild
Calvin Kottke

In Our Prayers
Vicki Feener, friend of Junior Abraham
Cyn Foster, sister-in-law of Toni Graney
Johnny Rowland, friend of Toni Graney
Dee Parks, friend of Larry Bing  
John Branan
Summer Najiya Callaway, daughter in law of Ray Callaway
Willie Diaz, husband of Nora Cruz-Diaz
Raul Mercado, friend of the Cruz-Diaz family
Melissa Adamson and family, friends of the Sali family
Family of Gilda Morris 
Shirley Sutton, friend of Loretta Vail
Pat Matthews, friend of Loretta Vail & Nancy Ward
Harley Pennington, friend of Tony & Laura Sellers
Nora Cruz-Diaz
Kerry Penney
Patrick Newberry, son of David Newberry, 
            stepson of Gretchen Berggren
Connie Aylor
Nate Grafton
Tony Sellers, husband of Laura Sellers  
Alice Brown, mother of Robin Brown-Haithco  
Mark Ahlfinger, son of Jean Ahlfinger 
Carolyn Branan, mother of John Branan
Andy Matia and Darryl Schwartz, friends of Ann Foote
Taylor Harty, granddaughter of Nancy Waring
Jim Ohl
Bill Stegall , friend of Jan & Jeff Swoope
Frances Bowen
Michael Dorger , brother of Maria Dorger
Max Carpenter , grandson of Sarra David
Andrea Abelman , friend of Junior Abraham
Judy Penney , sister-in-law of Kerry Penney
Sydney Lund
Ann Foote
Blaine Tinsley , cousin of Lisa Main
Helen Abraham
Cameron Maddox
For those who have died
Aaron L. King, J., friend of the Mizell Family
We give thanks for those celebrating birthdays this week
9/15:     Fabio Sotelo
9/15:     Alejandra Martinez
9/16:     Chad Vaughn
9/17:     Chris Echterhoff
9/20:     Melanie Sotelo
9/21:     Fernando Valdez

Around the Diocese

Several St. Bede's regulars subscribe to-
and like! - these e-publications. To stay up to date on activities throughout the Diocese of Atlanta, sign up for the e-newsletter, Connecting.

You can also sign up to receive For Faith, which is a weekly devotional message from Bishop Rob Wright sent by email on Fridays. To sign up for either or both,  click here

The Folk School at Camp Mikell - October 25-27

We have opened registration for the Fall Folk School. Join us October 25-27,

We are offering classes in knitting, quilting, weaving, ceramics, copper enameling, stained glass, woodturning.

Please join Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, Bishop Robert Wright,
and the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Atlanta for

ReviveATL: Love in Action
an Episcopal Church Revival
January 22, 2020 from 6-8 p.m.
Atlanta University Center

This past year, Presiding Bishop Curry has urged people of faith to follow The Way of Love, fostering a community of people who follow Jesus by forming loving, liberating and life-giving relationships with God, their neighbors, and the environment.

This Way of Love is reflected by the Diocese of Atlanta's purpose statement:
We challenge ourselves and the world to love like Jesus as we worship joyfully, serve compassionately, and grow spiritually. 

What does Love in Action look like in a world that is hurting? ReviveATL invites us to live out our call to serve Jesus and love as he loves the unwelcome, the disenfranchised, the lost, and the found.

All are welcome. Come experience Love in Action. 


Details: Prior to the Revival, food trucks will be available from 4:30-6 p.m. to allow for early arrivals. A more detailed program will be released this fall.
Early bird registration before Nov. 1 includes guaranteed seating. Registration will be opening soon.


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Worship Schedule


8:15 am  
  Holy Eucharist
9:30 am 
  for All Ages

10:45 am  
  Holy Eucharist
There is a nursery for  children ages 4 and  under available during  the 10:45 am service
5:00 pm 
  Santa Eucaristía

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