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Does your municipality have an ambitious project idea but is unsure how to maximize its impact? FCM’s Project Accelerator will help advance your innovative sustainability project from concept ideation to launch through a workshop series led by MaRS Discovery District. The workshop series will be introduced at an exclusive session at #FCMSCC21CCD.

Come meet the team during the conference to discuss your idea, get initial feedback and to apply for the first November cohort!

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Visit the FCM Sustainable Communities Website


ICMA is helping local government leaders throughout the world to protect, support, and lead their communities during the developing COVID-19 pandemic. ICMA has curated a list of resources to help local governments understand and make use of American Rescue Plan support.

Click Here for the ICMA Resources on COVID-19

CAMA members are invited to attend – and share amongst colleagues – an exclusive invitation to a unique learning and application experience.


The Circular Procurement Summit offers guidance and practice for public sector professionals to accelerate circular economies and carbon reductions in the communities they live and work by leveraging buying power. Over a multitude of concentrated sessions, attendees will gain knowledge from experts who showcase how to redefine value through strategic circular purchasing and business models. These sessions will be held daily from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. EDT from October 18-21 and November 15-18.


CAMA members save $150.00 by registering as a Circular Innovation Council Member. Enter ‘CAMA’ in the order notes during checkout.

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The Canadian Compassionate Company (CCC) designation is a program the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (CHPCA) developed to recognize organizations with formal human resource policies that accommodate employees who need time off work to care for a loved one.

Is your organization interested in becoming a Canadian Compassionate Company?

Besides being the right thing to do, a proven compassionate company has an edge in attracting and retaining talent and instilling a sense of loyalty to the employer. Engaging your employees is very important to a company from a financial perspective. Companies need to recognize that employees may occasionally require more time off from work than is strictly accommodated by their regular leave policies.

More details about the CCC Program can be found in the press release and backgrounder and the article noted below.

Article on Caring for Caregivers in the Workplace
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À propos du CERIU

Saviez-vous que le CERIU est un organisme à but non lucratif et qu’avec son approche unique axée sur le partenariat et la concertation, il est l’un des seuls organismes à offrir différentes plateformes pour soutenir le développement de l’expertise et de la recherche en infrastructures municipales? Grâce à son leadership et à celui de ses membres et experts bénévoles, ses différentes activités ont pour but de joindre toutes les municipalités du Québec et les aider dans la gestion de leurs actifs. Les organisations membres du CERIU sont issues à 50 % des municipalités et MRC (qui représentent près de 65 % de la population du Québec); 40 % d’entreprises de produits et services et 10 % d’associations et institutions.



Did you know that CERIU is a non-profit organization focused on partnership and consultation? It is one of the only organizations to offer different platforms to support the development of expertise and municipal infrastructure research? Thanks to its leadership and that of its members and volunteer experts, its various activities aim to reach all municipalities in Québec and help them manage their assets. They guide concentration, training and knowledge transfer actions towards integrated management of municipal assets, integration of disciplines and sustainable development. 50% of CERIU member organizations come from municipalities and RCMs (which represent nearly 65% of the population of Québec); 40% of products and service companies and 10% of associations and institutions. Below are some resources for your information (available in French only):

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Recognizing the importance of political understanding in the role of senior municipal administrators, also referred to as political acumen, CAMA launched a Political Acumen Toolkit.  This resource can be found at 

Provincial/territorial and federal governments are both important touch points for any municipality. Provincial and territorial governments fund and administer municipalities, and therefore it is critical for CAOs and their Councils to build strong relationships with their local representatives and the Ministers/Deputy Ministers overseeing the departments that govern, impact, and benefit their community. While the federal government has less oversight as municipalities are not their jurisdiction, it too creates policy that directly impacts municipalities and provides grant funding for municipal initiatives.


In this section of the Toolkit, we look at the connections between municipal, provincial and federal and how to effectively work with representatives at higher levels of government. 


Today’s featured category is tips on navigating the changes in government. 

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  • John Pinsent, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Greater Napanee, ON
  • Jeff Lees, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Penetanguishene, ON

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