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E. Jean Carroll Changes The Law

Why Women Are Leaving, Why You

Feel Like Leaving.

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E. Jean Carroll Changes Everything

I'm no Lawyer but I know when the law regarding women gets an upgrade.

Because of the Courage of one woman and the change in NY law to remove time limits in Civil & Criminal suits involving sexual abuse we have an alleged serial perpetrator being found guilty!

The laws in New York State were changed to remove the statute of limitations on sexual abuse. As someone who have worked with victims of sexual abuse for over 50 years support this change 100%.

Very often women don't report and most often they are abused as children. The removal of the statute of limitations allow women to have time to get therapy and then sue their perpetrators.

Other States and Countries have also changed the law.

Many men and some women Perpetrators are now shaking in their boots and are quickly checking the laws in the state in which they were abusers.

I recommend you Check your State (country) Laws and see what rights you may now have.

In any case I thank E. Jean for having the guts to take this on and scare the folks who need scaring!


Susan Wójcicki, CEO You Tube

Hostile Workplace Cultures Causing

Women To Leave

According to the McKinsey Women in The Workplace 2022 report women leaders (including the C Suite) are leaving their companies at the highest rate ever seen.

For every woman who gets promoted to Director level two leave their company.

The Deloitte Women At Work research explains culture contributes to experiences of exclusion and burnout. The Deloitte research says both exclusion and burnout for women have increased globally post pandemic.

For years I have been telling women in Women Moving Forward® that the structure and culture of corporations are based on a military model. So right from the beginning women (who have not been in the military) feel uncomfortable and like they don't fit.

Second the culture was built by men for men. So women again feel like they don't belong. Remember the "they're just hopping" exercise from WMF® where we compare men's culture to that of Kangaroos? Again our attempt to get you to see what the Men's Culture is in your company.

Lastly, and the most important point, even women in the C Suite, or one level below the C Suite feel like they don't fit. Even after years of proving themselves in the company.

Companies are especially inhospitable to parents. Both Fathers who parent and Mothers. I don't think I need to explain how. Just count the number of early morning meetings or after 5 meetings.

There is one more issue I want to talk about and it can be described with a quote a feminist made in the 70's about Ginger Rogers, the great actress and dancer;

" She did everything Fred Astaire did only backwards and in heels"

Women burnout faster than men do because we are doing all of what men do AND we are dealing with overt and covert discrimination! Any woman who makes it to VP level has had to do it while

being discriminated against!

So you are all doing it "backwards and in heels" just like Ginger Rogers. So of course you are burned out and at your wits end!

I'd be shocked if you weren't.

Then when you add in you are all experiencing earlier similars from a life of being Gender discriminated against,

it is almost inevitable.

So if you feel you need to get out, escape, depressed, frustrated, angry, etc. you are in good company and you are not crazy!

Let me know if you are struggling, we are coaching women as they navigate higher levels in their companies.

Let me know what you think.......


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