New Grant

Maritime law enforcement in the Indo-Pacific: building capacity to confront militia groups and maritime crime. PI: Brandon Prins (Minerva Research Initiative. Department of Defense).

The research project tackles important shortcomings in extant research on the maritime security challenges in the Indo-Pacific. The project makes several broad contributions. By building two novel datasets on littoral capabilities and non-traditional security threats, it opens the door to systematic empirical research on the emerging challenges in the region. The project helps conceptualize the nature of the non-traditional security challenges and informs policymakers in choosing effective strategies to confront them. It also measures the nature and extent of formal and informal maritime law enforcement cooperation, which can help establish the overall effectiveness of coordinated force projection in the region. At the local level, the data offer policymakers and practitioners unprecedented spatial specificity for describing patterns of maritime crime and conflict. It aids practitioners in identifying the hotspots of illicit activity and determining the right maritime law enforcement response. An expected outcome of the project is a visualization tool that will enable users to chart the spatial and temporal movement of criminal and terrorist elements as well as the force posture and location of maritime law enforcement capacity at the sub-national level. Finally, this project contributes to the DoD’s effort in building state capacity to respond against the actions of criminal non-state groups in the region, while also assessing various approaches to enhancing regional cooperation to confront this challenge.

Recent Talks

Sergey Gavrilets "New approaches to modeling the dynamics of collective action in cooperation and conflict" Basic Research Forum, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, DOD.

Sergey Gavrilets "Modeling the evolutionary origins and dynamics of social complexity" Center for Mathematical Biology, University of Bath, UK

Recent Symposium

Apocalypse, Populism, Critique: An interdisciplinary Symposium (Organizers:
Harry F. Dahms and Allen Dunn). Videos of talks are available here

Recent Editorial Posts

Brandon Prins. (2020) “Capacity Building must be a Focus as Sea-piracy Expands.” Maritime Executive, September 19, 2020.
Brandon Prins. (2020). “Terrorists Target Civilians to Provoke Government Over-Reaction.” Homeland Security Today, July 17, 2020.
Brandon Prins. (2020) “Piracy is on the Rise and Coronavirus May Make it Worse.” World Economic Forum, May 15, 2020.

Brandon Prins. (2020) “Global Sea Piracy Ticks Upward and the Coronavirus May Make it Worse.” TheConversation, May 5, 2020. 

New course

Spring 2021: Sustainable Cities and Urban Ecology (Geology 493/593). Instructors: M. L. McKinney and Michael Ross

New Papers

Aleydis Van de Moortel, "Sea Peoples from the Aegean: Identity, Socio-Political Context, and Antecedents, " in A. Gilboa and A. Yasur-Landau (eds.), Nomads of the Mediterranean: Trade and Contact in the Bronze and Iron Ages (Leiden: Brill) 318-335;

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Edited Volumes

Social Theory and Science Fiction (Special Issue)  Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 103 (2) 2020 (Dahms, Harry, guest editor). (link)

The Challenge of Progress: Theory between Critique and Ideology Current Perspectives in Social Theory, 36. Bingley, UK: Emerald, 2019. (Dahms, Harry, guest editor).(link)
The Digital Transformation of Social Theory (Special Issue)
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