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DULLES FARMS Community Meeting Reminders
Covenants Committee Meeting
The Covenants Committee will be meeting at the Virginia Manor Clubhouse on Tuesday, April 16th at 6 PM. If you are not able to attend in person, please CLICK HERE for instructions on how to attend virtually.

Open Space Committee Meeting
The Open Space Committee will be meeting at the Virginia Manor Clubhouse on  Wednesday, April 17th at 6:30 PM. If you are not able to attend in person, please CLICK HERE for instructions on how to attend virtually.
Please DO NOT Stain or Paint Fences

Color:  Wood fences must be left natural or may be treated with a clear coat preservative. No coloring is permitted, only transparent or semi-transparent stain colors which are very light and natural in appearance. Please refer to the Design Guidelines for photo references.

A color chip or brochure must be submitted with the color name and
manufacturer.  All fences must be properly maintained.

For Vinyl fencing the color must be “True White” (not an “off-white”) and shall remain that color.

For Aluminum fencing the color must be black and shall remain that color.

For more information about Fences, please click HERE for the Design Guidelines. Please refer to Section F. 19. FENCES, page 23

Some residents may notice string going across the pond located off of Culbertson Terrace due to the excessive and messy geese activity in this specific area. We ask that the string be left in place and not tampered with, cut, or removed. The string acts as a two-line barrier which prevents geese from ducking under or stepping over to reach the water and over-populate this area. The Board approved this project which was paid for with Association funds. Any intentional tampering or cutting could result in additional costs being incurred to repair, which could result in an increase in assessments affecting the entire community. Please be mindful that this was done for a purpose and is in no way harmful, as it only acts as a deterrent.

We ask that you please relay this very important information to members and children in your household.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Annual Property Inspections

CAMP Management will be performing annual inspections which will last throughout the Spring and Summer months. Please note that Staff will be wearing yellow vests clearly marked with "Dulles Farms" and will be taking photos of homes (front and back). All properties will be inspected for general maintenance including but not limited to; yard maintenance/mowing, landscaping, peeling paint, lamp posts, broken mailboxes, dirty siding, tree stake removal, improper installation of basketball hoops, etc.
To avoid receiving a violation letter, please take the time in the coming days to survey your property for proper maintenance. CLICK HERE for the annual inspection schedule.
If you are planning on doing any exterior modifications, please review the Design Guidelines and complete the Exterior Modification Application if applicable.
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